Usa Today Crossword Answers December 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Soothing application SALVE
At the crest of ATOP
"Super Trouper" vocal group ABBA
Home to Disney’s Ariel OCEAN
Elisabeth of "CSI" SHUE
Harness racer’s gait TROT
Orange Monopoly item CHANCECARD
Prisoner’s stretch TERM
Documentarian Burns KEN
Sultanate bordering Yemen OMAN
21-Across natives, e.g. ASIANS
Tennis lesson topic GRIP
Checkout worker CLERK
Largo, vis-a-vis adagio SLOWER
Became a member JOINEDUP
Cloths at changing stations WIPES
Barely audible or readable FAINT
Filled up on ATE
Unlike this clue’s number EVEN
Static electricity annoyance CLING
Make a comforter, perhaps KNIT
Souvenir at a bill signing PEN
Agronomists’ samples SOILS
Las Vegas, to gamblers MECCA
Gladiators’ weapons TRIDENTS
Strike from the books REPEAL
Semiaquatic salamanders NEWTS
Angora ___ (source of mohair) GOAT
Word after search or steam ENGINE
Subjects of some traffic reports JAMS
Letters on a Coppertone bottle SPF
Tacit approvals NODS
Brawny track-and-field competitor SHOTPUTTER
Mild oath DRAT
Carry off TAKE
Google Maps recommendation ROUTE
Word after "Simon" or "survey" SAYS
Mower’s home SHED
War zone reporter EMBED
Unmatched dresser item, maybe SOCK
Lumbago symptom ACHE
Suitable for Jack Sprat LEAN
Relocation rental VAN
Concert extenders ENCORES
Tunesmiths’ org. ASCAP
"Better ___ nothing" THAN
Lord’s Prayer beginner OUR
Spin class activity PEDALING
Tailor’s wares ATTIRE
Perform acrobatically to music BREAKDANCE
Delivered by the stork, so to speak BORN
All-hrs. cash sources ATMS
Kuwaiti dignitary EMIR
Email folder heading SENT
"Hollaback Girl" singer Stefani GWEN
Pocket change COINS
Took three of three games, say SWEPT
Organ near the pancreas LIVER
March 29, 2018, to MLB OPENINGDAY
Locks up JAILS
City near Syracuse UTICA
Potpourri bit PETAL
Flies like a butterfly FLITS
Disputes, as a will CONTESTS
Didn’t pass or hand off KEPT
In stitches SEWN
Five beats, in "Take Five" MEASURE
Jefferson and Paine, theologically DEISTS
Play boisterously ROMP
Like many exclusive communities GATED
Closes the book on ENDS
Romance novelist Roberts NORA
It may start with "A guy walks into a bar . . ." JOKE
Proof of admission STUB
Sampras with seven Wimbledon wins PETE
Toon cavemate of Wilma FRED
Skeptic’s outburst HAH
Circus star General ___ Thumb TOM