Usa Today Crossword Answers December 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Storage areas in stables LOFTS
Take notice SITUP
Aromatherapy locale SPA
Warren Buffett’s Nebraska hometown OMAHA
Backspace over, perhaps ERASE
Brady with five Super Bowl rings TOM
President Alan Richmond portrayer in "Absolute Power" GENEHACKMAN
___ Pizzeria and Grill UNO
Platypus nest item EGG
Takes steps ACTS
Introduces to the mix ADDS
Airline to Oslo SAS
Monogram of early autodom REO
Coarse file RASP
President James Marshall portrayer in "Air Force One" HARRISONFORD
Highest Hawaiian peak MAUNAKEA
Plunderer’s take LOOT
Common baseball bat wood MAPLE
Bibliophile’s advice READ
All worked up INASTATE
Italian city known for its cheese PARMA
President Merkin Muffley portrayer in "Dr. Strangelove" PETERSELLERS
Tampa Bay squad RAYS
"Regrets, ___ had a few . . ." IVE
8-Down, e.g. HAT
Smack hard SWAT
Victim in Genesis ABEL
We all do this AGE
Rapid blinking, e.g. TIC
President Jackson Evans portrayer in "The Contender" JEFFBRIDGES
"Fire away" ASK
Words of empathy ICARE
Jockey’s ride MOUNT
"Agreed" YES
Go by car MOTOR
Editors’ reversals STETS
Theater or stadium areas LOGES
Alpha’s opposite OMEGA
Vampire costume accessory FANGS
With 48-Down, seat of the Dutch parliament THE
Hot and arid SAHARAN
One of four in postwar Berlin SECTOR
Gets under the skin of IRKS
Highlander’s topper TAM
___ Today USA
Pig’s digs PEN
Game with hole cards STUDPOKER
Home for koi POND
Roxie’s husband in "Chicago" AMOS
Taiwanese computer giant ACER
To the extent that ASFARAS
Don Juan ROUE
"Bel Canto" novelist Patchett ANN
High-pressure situation HOTSEAT
Drive forward IMPEL
Mule of song SAL
Use a pipe cleaner on REAM
Early word for a baby DADA
Control tower image BLIP
Super-duper AONE
Holders of checked garments COATRACKS
Packed away ATE
Take a shot at TRY
Early tourney rounds PRELIMS
Activist of a sort, informally LIBBER
Fairy tale’s penultimate word EVER
See 4-Down HAGUE
Player-owner intermediary AGENT
Common Core hurdles TESTS
Go nowhere STAY
Smart-alecky WISE
Early Michael Jackson hairdo AFRO
Stand-up comic Gaffigan JIM
___-friendly ("green") ECO
Budgetary excess FAT
Bit of Morse code DOT