Usa Today Crossword Answers December 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Shoestring neckties BOLOS
Still to come AHEAD
Deck post topper CAP
In pieces APART
___ cum laude SUMMA
Be in arrears OWE
Seafood cocktail morsel JUMBOSHRIMP
Monopoly token CAR
Serpent in "Antony and Cleopatra" ASP
Tattle on, with "out" RAT
Peak condition TOPFORM
Gift in a goody bag FAVOR
Salesperson’s prospects LEADS
Googol, e.g. LARGENUMBER
Chevy’s destination, in "American Pie" LEVEE
___ Diamond Phillips of "La Bamba" LOU
Lopsided win ROMP
Name in escalators and moving walkways OTIS
Run in the wash BLEED
"Celeste Aida," e.g. ARIA
"My goodness!" GOSH
Fairness-in-hiring agcy. EEO
Rancher’s mark BRAND
Average physique MEDIUMBUILD
Veg out RELAX
Pinball penalties TILTS
Viewpoint in an op-ed OPINION
Bespectacled Disney dwarf DOC
Word after get or jet SET
Feature of most overalls BIB
Nickels and dimes SMALLCHANGE
In need of sanding or salting ICY
Conical abode TEPEE
Battery-powered smoke shop items ECIGS
Org. in "Snowden" NSA
Elvis’ signature expression SNEER
Lenders’ takebacks, for short REPOS
Tijuana’s locale, for short BAJA
___ Dei ("The Da Vinci Code" group) OPUS
Tensor or Tiffany LAMP
Planet, to a poet ORB
Basement’s use, often STORAGE
Kutcher who played Steve Jobs ASHTON
Lew Wallace’s "Ben-___" HUR
Spew forth EMIT
Water balloons, to pranksters AMMO
Horse with a mottled coat DAPPLE
Cold-weather drink COCOA
Banquet bestowal, perhaps AWARD
Salon jobs, for short PERMS
Stash some cash SAVE
Many Formula One racers FERRARIS
First-term congressman FRESHMAN
Nix as a possibility RULEOUT
Jared of "Dallas Buyers Club" LETO
"We Try Harder" sloganeer, once AVIS
Stooge who lampooned Adolf MOE
Popular brew, for short BUD
Navigator’s notes LOG
___ fixation (stage of infancy) ORAL
Baby-sit MIND
Inflate, as a bill PAD
Bassinet or berth BED
Nanakuli neckwear LEI
Totally louse up BUTCHER
Isn’t fictional EXISTS
"Hello, Dolly!" Tony winner Bette MIDLER
Group of like-minded voters BLOC
Avian harbinger of spring ROBIN
Many DeMille productions EPICS
Benghazi’s land LIBYA
Spilled salt, to some OMEN
Farmer’s tanned area, typically NAPE
Cut, as coupons SNIP
Kellogg’s toaster waffle EGGO
Ms. Durbeyfield of fiction TESS
"Go Set a Watchman" novelist Harper LEE
Hotshot pilot or pitcher ACE