Usa Today Crossword Answers December 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Sleeping car feature BERTH
Purposely pass over OMIT
Levine of "The Voice" ADAM
Honolulu welcome ALOHA
Home of the Baylor Bears WACO
Press pass datum NAME
One in scoring position, perhaps BASERUNNER
Pretzel shape KNOT
Enjoyed a smorgasbord ATE
Aphids, to ladybugs PREY
Sprint site TRACK
Offer an answer RESPOND
1/20 of a ream QUIRE
Part of LAPD LOS
Appliances that may get stoked FURNACES
Cuisine with dirty rice CAJUN
Engaged in, as a trade PLIED
Oktoberfest quaff ALE
Clod choppers HOES
Homes to brooders COOPS
Froot Loops alternative TRIX
Insect in a colony ANT
Trellis climbers VINES
All lathered up SUDSY
Prepares to land DESCENDS
Ask urgently BEG
5-millimeter-thick Oreos THINS
Wichita natives KANSANS
Political convention venue ARENA
Feeder visitor BIRD
Sarcastic "Just kidding!" NOT
Able to accept a date FREE
Accessory worn near the navel BELTBUCKLE
Sorrowful interjection ALAS
Anthony’s former radio cohost OPIE
Name on the 2008 Republican ticket PALIN
Seward Peninsula seaport NOME
Visits dreamland, briefly NAPS
Like dessert wines SWEET
Crown-wearing elephant of kid-lit BABAR
Inspire joy in ELATE
Wooer’s dozen ROSES
One of three articles in English THE
"Moby-Dick" weapon HARPOON
Dominated, in sports slang OWNED
A bunch of MANY
Cubes in cocktails ICE
Waterboards, many contend TORTURES
Turkey’s capital ANKARA
Personal schedule, so to speak DANCECARD
In a frenzy AMOK
Sat down with MET
Dispensers at coffee bars URNS
Casaba covering RIND
"As a bonus . . ." PLUS
Comments from Groucho QUIPS
Floaters in fjords FLOES
New Haven collegians ELIS
Like boudoir photography SEXY
African lake, or its country CHAD
Superb rating AONE
Headwind for a westbound flight JETSTREAM
Homes to tadpoles PONDS
Chain with gooey, 880-calorie rolls CINNABON
Pulls vigorously TUGS
Source of donated blood VEIN
Satirists’ creations SENDUPS
Mousetrap morsel CHEESE
Spiteful remark BARB
Windborne toys KITES
Joint not covered by capri pants ANKLE
"On my honor!" NOLIE
Blockage-relieving tube STENT
Guthrie at Woodstock ARLO
Insignificant upturn BLIP
Word that can precede the first parts of 17- and 54-Across and 11- and 33-Down FAN
Emission standards org. EPA
Cornfield call CAW