Usa Today Crossword Answers February 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Muscular jerk SPASM
Wingtip-to-wingtip figure SPAN
Yorick’s skull or Hamlet’s sword PROP
Shiver-inducing EERIE
Number-matching game KENO
Feb. 14 sentiment LOVE
Skybox locale ARENA
Deep-voiced songstress ALTO
"I’m with you, brother!" AMEN
Scarf maker’s buy KNITTINGYARN
See the point of GET
Stag’s harem DOES
Like a lace handkerchief DAINTY
39-Across component OXYGEN
We all have one PAST
Attic or penthouse UPPERSTORY
Org. with a DoctorFinder webpage AMA
Destines to fail DOOMS
Xbox rival WII
Quasimodo’s request WATER
Braying beast ASS
Bogart or Bacall FILMLEGEND
Chef’s pinch SALT
Discomforting feeling UNEASE
Petroleum refinery byproduct ETHANE
Bit of bickering SPAT
Supply a staff for MAN
Couple’s banking arrangement JOINTACCOUNT
Colleague of Agatha and Dashiell ERLE
Graceless sort BOOR
Word before renewal or sprawl URBAN
No-goodniks CADS
Quite often ALOT
Pageant winner’s wear TIARA
"Be ___ as it may . . ." THAT
Generational differences GAPS
Needing a rinse SOAPY
Neptune’s realm SEA
___ capita PER
Exist as a group ARE
Spot for dirty dishes SINK
Gads about MEANDERS
Compete in roller derby SKATE
Clobbers with snowballs PELTS
Side voting 61-Down ANTI
Lunch period, for many NOONDAY
Ilsa’s request to Sam PLAYIT
England’s ___ Baths ROMAN
In plain view OVERT
Piggy bank deposit PENNY
Bits in cyclotrons IONS
Wild time, slangily GAS
Mild Dutch cheese GOUDA
Team that became the Nationals EXPOS
Proofreaders’ finds TYPOS
Sparkling fielding play GEM
Straitlaced PRIM
Buffoon, to a Brit TWIT
Squeak squelcher OIL
First-stringers ATEAM
Brainiacs’ organization MENSA
Cosmetician Elizabeth ARDEN
Flipped out WENTNUTS
Scotch aficionado’s concern AGE
Shoddy hotel FLEABAG
Party with poi and roast pig LUAU
Least loony SANEST
Queen’s six-legged subject ANT
Give the boot to EJECT
Synagogue scroll TORAH
Comics witch Broom-___ HILDA
Hot news tip SCOOP
Cities with docks PORTS
Burger-and-fries go-with COLA
Rock’s Cream or ZZ Top TRIO
Ram’s remark BAA
Dada pioneer Jean ARP
Opposing vote NAY