Usa Today Crossword Answers February 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Prepares for a trip PACKS
Pet protection org. ASPCA
Tailor’s line HEM
Shia’s deity ALLAH
Axel and Lutz LEAPS
Fire truck tool AXE
Gravel source STONEQUARRY
Canyon perimeter RIM
"Terrible twos" fits TANTRUMS
Resulted in LEDTO
"All bets ___ off!" ARE
___-relief (sculpture style) BAS
Base-stealing legend Wills MAURY
"Once Upon a Mattress" prop BED
Ponderer’s phrase LETMESEE
Jack who shunned fat SPRAT
___ Alto, Calif. PALO
Brat’s stocking stuffer COAL
Marmalade tidbit PEEL
Media barrage BLITZ
Warthog’s weapon TUSK
Did a takeoff on APED
Snobbish display AIRS
Shoulder muscles, for short DELTS
Merlot and Cabernet, e.g. REDWINES
Danson of "Cheers" TED
Sounds from sows OINKS
Comics caveman Alley OOP
Scarfed down ATE
Preserves with brine CORNS
Made more malleable, as steel ANNEALED
Car washer’s need RAG
Feature of many a murder mystery TWISTENDING
"Caught ya!" AHA
Ancient region on the Aegean IONIA
Like pea-soup fog DENSE
Bratwurst holder BUN
Postgame report RECAP
Elvis’ trademark look SNEER
Carb-rich course PASTA
Where rings are exchanged ALTAR
Any "Jurassic Park" dinosaur CLONE
Immanuel of modern philosophy KANT
Palate-cleansing dessert SHERBET
Many booster club members, for short ALUMS
Bering and Tasman SEAS
Golf score that’s "saved" PAR
What EMTs practice on dummies CPR
Political refugee’s request ASYLUM
One used to difficult conditions HARDYSOUL
Freeway sign EXIT
Many an office email MEMO
Campus expanse QUAD
Put up, as a barn ERECTED
Some tuna sandwiches MELTS
All-inclusive ATOZ
Apple variety BALDWIN
Supervillains’ hideouts LAIRS
Direction of Phileas Fogg’s trip EAST
Group with a Grand Exalted Ruler ELKS
Do a few practice rounds SPAR
Love-crazy toon Le Pew PEPE
Church instrument of old REEDORGAN
Tissue layers PLIES
Target for John Dillinger BANK
"Could go either way" DEPENDS
Behind bars, slangily INSTIR
Physical fitness TONE
Ready to pour ONTAP
Flared dress style ALINE
Stressed out TENSE
Trimming tool EDGER
Ten-legged zodiac animal CRAB
Diamond Head island OAHU
Home to many Russians ASIA
Yemeni seaport ADEN
What Wednesday’s child is full of WOE
Magazine for entrepreneurs INC