Usa Today Crossword Answers February 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Walk wearily PLOD
With 66-Across, what might prompt an exclamation of disbelief FAKE
Destine for trouble DOOM
Classic clown BOZO
Put to rest, as fears ALLAY
Exclamation of disbelief NOWAYJOSE
Barista’s offering LATTE
Last Oldsmobiles produced ALEROS
Psychological damage SCAR
Team with a mule mascot ARMY
"However," to a texter OTOH
Rival of Flying A and Sinclair ESSO
Exclamation of disbelief YOUREKIDDING
Walking-tour aid MAP
A Bobbsey twin NAN
What "it" is, grammatically NEUTER
Horse’s mythical relative UNICORN
Stack up against COMPARE
Beethoven’s "Pathetique" is one SONATA
___ Locks (Great Lakes passage) SOO
Reasons for end-zone dances (Abbr.) TDS
Exclamation of disbelief IDONTTHINKSO
Coin that some wish to abolish CENT
Rabbit ___ (old TV antenna) EARS
Exclamation of disbelief IBET
Wraps up ENDS
Aquila’s brightest star ALTAIR
Theater lobby FOYER
Exclamation of disbelief SERIOUSLY
Staples Center or Barclays Center ARENA
Lecher’s look LEER
". . . ___ but not heard" SEEN
See 9-Across NEWS
Sources of hard or soft wood ELMS
Choice word ELSE
"Hairspray" mom Turnblad EDNA
Cash, slangily MOOLA
Building of Babel TOWER
Flattering, in an insincere way SMARMY
Brown-baggers’ lunches, briefly PBJS
London lav LOO
Wt. units OZS
Has a bit of success DOESOK
Recurred, as an ailment FLAREDUP
___-right (white supremacists et al.) ALT
Kit ___ (candy brand) KAT
Sclera’s place EYE
In the style of ALA
"Around the world" toy YOYO
Pacific salmon CHINOOK
Port of Algeria ORAN
Bo Derek’s score TEN
Occupy, as a booth SITAT
One of Bergen’s dummies SNERD
Folklore fiends OGRES
Like pre-MPAA movies UNRATED
Sen. Franken, e.g. DEM
Open mic offering, perhaps MUSIC
Jumper cable connection point ANODE
Assign to, as blame PINON
Snack bars on bases CANTEENS
"Master Melvin" of the Giants OTT
Pulls a fast one on CONS
Title at the Round Table SIR
Great bother HASSLE
Building near a barn SILO
Dull-witted OBTUSE
Portraitist’s prop EASEL
Mah-jongg pieces TILES
Second Amendment-supporting org. NRA
What snobs put on AIRS
Sandberg in Cooperstown RYNE
Bleacher creature FAN
Assayer’s material ORE
Longbow wood YEW
Unagi, at sushi bars EEL
Dream state acronym REM