Usa Today Crossword Answers July 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Oodles ALOT
Stock up on AMASS
H&R Block workers CPAS
DVR pioneer TIVO
Hook and eye, e.g. LATCH
Oxford fastener LACE
Double Delight cookie OREO
Scenic route, perhaps BYWAY
List shortener, for short ETAL
"Shark" investor on "Shark Tank" MARKCUBAN
Pesto ingredient BASIL
Less likely to bite TAMER
Refuse to grant DENY
Buds in relish CAPERS
Item a photographer might forget to remove LENSCAP
Dress with a flare ALINE
Bust’s antithesis BOOM
"What ___ is new?" ELSE
"Little Women" woman MEG
Handyman’s storage unit TOOLBIN
Cold War-era prez IKE
Get ready for surgery PREP
Goes platinum? DYES
20-Across, to the Dallas Mavericks OWNER
Many Harry Chapin songs, essentially STORIES
Sets of beliefs CREEDS
Assents at Christie’s NODS
Mushroom parts STEMS
Results of summits, ideally PACTS
Reality show filmed in Las Vegas PAWNSTARS
Wind quintet member OBOE
Taxpayer’s dread AUDIT
Carrier with kosher food ELAL
Trudge, as through mud SLOG
Barely discernible amount TRACE
Oblong tomato ROMA
Hunt and peck, say TYPE
Utility company hookup METER
Source of tweets? NEST
Particle for Bohr ATOM
Pre-euro currency LIRA
No longer hung up on OVER
Had a quick break TOOKTEN
Audiophile’s "vinyl" ALBUMS
"It’s possible" MAYBE
Fighting it out ATWAR
TSA agent’s test SCAN
Inclined to avoid the spotlight SHY
Use Comet or Bon Ami on CLEANSE
"I Fall to Pieces" singer PATSYCLINE
Berry touted as a superfood ACAI
Auction off, say SELL
Shift-6 symbol CARET
Affleck of "Gone Girl" BEN
Moore of "G.I. Jane" DEMI
Roughs it CAMPS
On the ball ALERT
Home for urban birds PIGEONCOOP
Tosses, as a grenade LOBS
Jury members, in theory PEERS
Most Little Leaguers BOYS
World Cup cry OLE
Dedicatory works ODES
They’re to be expected NORMS
Plato, to Socrates PROTEGE
Movie with a saloon brawl, perhaps WESTERN
Checkpoint requirements (Abbr.) IDS
Football or hockey position CENTER
Peace Nobelist from Egypt SADAT
Cautious way to think TWICE
Blogger’s bit POST
In a deft manner ABLY
24-karat PURE
Succulent houseplant ALOE
Head-butting beasts RAMS
Pallet piece SLAT
All-hrs. convenience, perhaps ATM