Usa Today Crossword Answers July 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Ob or Po RIVER
Support for a break CAST
"Vamoose!" SCAT
Associate of Gorsuch and Kagan ALITO
Lake source of the Niagara River ERIE
Botanical "pet" CHIA
Words before an anthem PLEASERISE
Conclude one’s argument REST
"Bye-bye," to a Brit TATA
Addison’s partner at The Spectator STEELE
Wolves, when supposedly serenading the moon HOWLERS
Electroshock weapon TASER
Earthy pigments OCHERS
Dancer with seven veils SALOME
Concoctions in Dutch ovens STEWS
Segment with game highlights RECAP
Spheroid hairdo, for short FRO
Watch, as a flock TEND
C.S. who created Aslan LEWIS
Dealer ___ (car-sticker line) PREP
Oil treatment brand STP
Used a strop on HONED
Sheer linen or cotton TOILE
Helped with the laundry IRONED
Take a corner too fast, say CAREEN
Horatio who wrote "Ragged Dick" ALGER
Family to keep up with JONESES
Sports org. sponsored by 40-Across NASCAR
Open mic offering SONG
One of two in some marriages WIFE
Joel Chandler Harris narrator UNCLEREMUS
". . . and ___ well!" ALLS
Ball-balancing animal SEAL
Tummy trouble AGITA
They’re caught by sunbathers RAYS
Conservative Brit, colloquially TORY
It talks, it’s said MONEY
Genre pioneered by Run-D.M.C. RAP
Down with a bug ILL
Go head-to-head VIE
Letter after zeta ETA
Scorecard listings ROSTERS
"Two mints in one" sloganeer, once CERTS
Coloratura’s song ARIA
Household nickname SIS
Kickoff aids TEES
Haunted house sound SCREAM
Gooey fast food offering CHEESEFRIES
Congressional divider AISLE
___ Tots (frozen food item) TATER
What barbers "lower" EARS
Corvette roof option, once TTOP
Game show figures HOSTS
Largish combo OCTET
Like a dirty old man LEWD
Hemmed, but didn’t haw SEWED
Biting, as a remark ACID
Auberjonois of "Boston Legal" RENE
Signature at Appomattox RELEE
Precedes the headliner OPENS
Chaney or Chaney Jr. LON
Hole in the epidermis PORE
Dance that might involve a chair HORA
Seven-piece Chinese puzzle TANGRAM
Playground time RECESS
Frozen yogurt container CONE
Menachem’s counterpart at Camp David ANWAR
Boxing daughter of Muhammad LAILA
Like St. Nick JOLLY
Auto body problem RUST
"The Lion King" villain SCAR
Opposite of paleo- NEO
It may be bruised or inflated EGO
Stopwatch unit (Abbr.) MIN
Salt Lake City collegian UTE
What you can do to the first parts of 17- and 53-Across and 11- and 25-Down SAY