Usa Today Crossword Answers July 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Crossed a stream, in a way WADED
Way out there AFAR
Vintners’ vessels VATS
Find irresistible ADORE
Ben & Jerry’s holder CONE
A party to INON
Classic necktie knot FOURINHAND
Regarding, on a memo ASTO
Fall back gradually EBB
Pit stop intake FUEL
Haunted house decoration COBWEB
Hangs on to RETAINS
Tiny fraction of a kilowatt-hour JOULE
Guitar innovator Paul LES
Made a cashless transaction BARTERED
Salsa-topped munchies TACOS
Half the "California Dreamin’" group PAPAS
Zales competitor KAY
Share a side with ABUT
Word that can precede the first parts of 17- and 55-Across and 11- and 33-Down FINAL
Spore-producing plant FERN
Butterfly snagger NET
White sale buy LINEN
Card game expert Edmond HOYLE
Beads of sweat, e.g. GLOBULES
Really important BIG
Seward’s Alaska purchase, it was said FOLLY
"The great unwashed" RABBLE
Slam-dance MOSH
"Alternative fact" LIE
Baldwin of "30 Rock" ALEC
Assigner of 4-Fs and 1-As DRAFTBOARD
Germ for an invention IDEA
Minimal amount IOTA
Started the kitty ANTED
Off one’s rocker DAFT
Some "What’s My Line?" responses NOES
Like a bassoon’s sound REEDY
Part of a Kit Kat WAFER
Pueblo brick ADOBE
Skeptical outlook DOUBT
Misspeak, say ERR
Places on a pedestal DEIFIES
Post-exercise woes ACHES
Baby bronco FOAL
King Kong’s love, ___ Darrow ANN
Reef material used in jewelry REDCORAL
Capable of success VIABLE
Test grader’s aid ANSWERKEY
Reusable bag TOTE
Snooty sort SNOB
Wimple wearers NUNS
Triple play threesome OUTS
Much of the time ALOT
Land of kendo JAPAN
Sources of ruin BANES
Title above viscount EARL
Tiny fraction of a newton DYNE
Tabasco sauce quality TANG
Victim of Cain ABEL
Section of a cow chart CUTOFBEEF
Like some air freshener scents PINEY
Completed, as a form FILLEDIN
Verne’s circumnavigator FOGG
Period of calm LULL
Lofty goal, metaphorically HIGHBAR
Stubby-tailed predator BOBCAT
Exceed 21 in blackjack BUST
Lounge furnishings SOFAS
Make blissful ELATE
Fathered, as a 7-Down SIRED
Victoria’s Secret sleepwear buy TEDDY
Late-night fridge visit RAID
Alan with six Golden Globes ALDA
First ___ (Gilligan’s job) MATE
Little hopper in Milne tales ROO
Tip-jar insert, often ONE