Usa Today Crossword Answers July 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Tex-Mex treat TACO
Angst-filled music genre EMO
It may be drawn in the evening BATH
Not very many AFEW
KP implement PARER
Mark’s successor EURO
Fiber source from "The Godfather" actor’s product line? BRANDOBRANDBRAN
"Help!" SOS
Choice word ELSE
Assent at sea AYEAYE
Head start, e.g. EDGE
Fuller’s geodesic creation DOME
What Leary tripped on LSD
Some dress shoes OXFORDS
Done to death TRITE
The last word? AMEN
Ab ___ (from the start) OVO
Carrier for an OPEC bistro menu? CARTELCARTECART
"___-haw!" (rodeo yell) YEE
Surveyor’s calculation AREA
Decorated in terra cotta, say TILED
Where Coach K coaches DUKE
"The Blue Danube" composer STRAUSS
Shade of green PEA
Team for whom Rose was player-manager REDS
Raconteur’s offering TALE
Steam up ENRAGE
Homie’s home turf HOOD
Bossy remark? MOO
Place constraints on a year-end worker at Arizona State? TEMPERTEMPETEMP
"God" singer Tori AMOS
Two-syllable metric feet IAMBS
Wax’s opposite WANE
Instrument played by Orpheus LYRE
Zener cards test for it ESP
Major maker of ammunition OLIN
Bar pickups TABS
Spherical ‘do AFRO
Preceder of peace talks, often CEASEFIRE
Dominate, in sports lingo OWN
Threw wildly, say ERRED
___ culpa MEA
Bulldog on a Mack truck, e.g. ORNAMENT
Neuwirth of "Frasier" BEBE
Hearing-related AURAL
Cafeteria stack TRAYS
Used a whetstone on HONED
Propelled, as a punt POLED
Pilates target ABS
Third or nth follower DEGREE
Treated with Clairol DYED
Like some signature lines DOTTED
Spear carriers’ milieux OPERAS
Available without an Rx OTC
It may show a break XRAY
Like the ibis, in ancient Egypt SACRED
Bee or tea SOCIAL
Whitman of "Parenthood" MAE
Thrifty fast-food order VALUEMEAL
Many "-ite" minerals ORES
Commodore Perry victory site LAKEERIE
Online broker since 1991 ETRADE
Gridiron "Pick 6" results (Abbr.) TDS
Twist the arm of URGE
Alternatives to sunroofs TTOPS
Bit of potpourri PETAL
Opponent in Risk or Stratego ENEMY
Tilter’s wear ARMOR
Stooge before and after Curly SHEMP
Cathedral recess APSE
Govt. fiscal agency OMB
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Not booked OPEN
Many univ. lab instructors TAS
Lowest prime TWO