Usa Today Crossword Answers June 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Act the blowhard BOAST
Standing tall ERECT
"2 Broke Girls" network CBS
More up to the task ABLER
Clean, as a fish SCALE
Muesli morsel OAT
Popular place for visitors TOURISTAREA
Hit the slopes SKI
Fiber for Manila rope HEMP
Cars at charging stations TESLAS
King’s equivalent, in blackjack TEN
Apple of Discord thrower, in myth ERIS
New Jersey’s largest city NEWARK
"Tristan und Isolde" composer WAGNER
Clown in the king’s court JESTER
Hopping mad IRATE
Best who was replaced by Ringo PETE
Yahtzee quintet DICE
Toy soldier material TIN
Skill that’s rarely seen now LOSTART
Common URL ender COM
Generations-spanning tale SAGA
Dyers’ vessels VATS
Option under Clock, on an iPhone ALARM
Gridiron two-pointer SAFETY
Cognac or Calvados BRANDY
Round Table ruler ARTHUR
Start to unravel FRAY
Boston Harbor jetsam of 1773 TEA
Islamic canonical law SHARIA
Italian island east of Corsica ELBA
RPM part PER
In pain, and what you’re doing for the answers to 17- and 38-Across and 11- and 29-Down SEEINGSTARS
"Selma" director DuVernay AVA
Aardsma replaced him as the alphabetically first MLB player AARON
Trying for a hit ATBAT
Sales staffer, for short REP
Races with sulkies TROTS
Sauce with basil PESTO
Rubber ducky’s spot BATH
Woodwind with a haunting sound OBOE
Visitor to an old prof, perhaps ALUM
Eve’s tempter SERPENT
___-color pasta TRI
Rob of "90210" ESTES
Many DVD players RCAS
Robert Crawley on "Downton Abbey," e.g. EARL
Ajax or Comet CLEANSER
Mad Hatter’s service TEASET
San Jose native COSTARICAN
Maker of tarts and tortes BAKER
Perform poorly, slangily STINK
Tend to the sauce STIR
One of two in a cassette REEL
Get hitched WED
Punsters, e.g. WITS
Pavarotti piece ARIA
Hip-hop genre with violent lyrics GANGSTARAP
Preventer of beach erosion JETTY
JFK and ORD guesstimates ETAS
Natl. Merit Scholarship qualifier PSAT
Firewood purchase CORD
Any of dozens won by "SNL" through 2016 EMMY
Find out by eavesdropping OVERHEAR
Reid of "Sharknado" TARA
Satisfied sigh AAH
Common baby shower gift LAYETTE
Annoy with constant complaining FUSSAT
Act the blowhard BRAG
For face value, as a stock ATPAR
Chaucerian tale teller REEVE
Helsinki natives FINNS
Prefix with space AERO
Laugh-a-minute sort RIOT
Bio or chem rooms LABS
Spoiled kid BRAT
Regarding, on a memo ASTO
Con artist’s prey SAP