Usa Today Crossword Answers June 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Compete in a joust TILT
Hard-to-please performers DIVAS
With a fresh start ANEW
Liederkranz cheese has a strong one ODOR
Pulitzer-winning critic Roger EBERT
Was decked out in WORE
Challenge, as authority DEFY
Kindergartner’s stickum PASTE
Felt, but unseen, field AURA
Morsel in a Quaker box OAT
Politician who’s not independent PARTYPERSON
Numbers following copyright symbols YEARS
Drive-up window request ORDER
Street-corner doomsayer’s sign REPENT
Do karaoke SING
Taiwanese computer giant ACER
Touch up for publication EDIT
Like some wine barrels OAKEN
Pad ___ (Asian noodle dish) THAI
Drops off briefly DOZES
"Smooth Operator" singer SADE
Monopoly’s cat or top hat TOKEN
Note from the boss MEMO
Direction on a Kool-Aid packet STIR
Barely makes, with "out" EKES
Began to unravel FRAYED
The terrible twos, e.g. PHASE
Item in a book, roll or pane STAMP
Considerable sum PRETTYPENNY
Movie with Ed Asner as Santa ELF
Top-ranked AONE
Dust sprinkler of folklore PIXIE
Geometry calculation AREA
Empire conquered by Pizarro INCA
Etchers’ fluids ACIDS
Pull an all-nighter, perhaps CRAM
Judge to be DEEM matchups DATES
Synonym for "class" found in the middle of 21- and 54-Across and 3- and 35-Down TYPE
Bit of commotion TODO
One may stop a mental block IDEA
Mount Everest, notably LOFTYPEAK
Take a shot at TRY
Shoved off DEPARTED
Letter-shaped supports IBARS
Part of Goofy’s outfit VEST
Pseudo-stylish ARTY
Trample underfoot STEPON
"Judge Judy" decision AWARD
"It’s ___!" (quitter’s lament) NOUSE
Reason for an erasure ERROR
Detach gradually, as from a habit WEAN
Prop for Rachael Ray PAN
Descartes’ "therefore" ERGO
Causing the creeps EERIE
"Round and Round" 1980s hair band RATT
Sound studio effect ECHO
Shoebox data SIZES
Newscast part ITEM
Observatory topper DOME
Black tea of India ASSAM
Pop star who twice voiced Smurfette KATYPERRY
Falco who played Carmela Soprano EDIE
Stereotypical comic book fan NERD
Quality of a down quilt SOFTNESS
Robin’s home NEST
ATM or smartphone feature KEYPAD
Stinging swimmer RAY
In push-up position PRONE
From this point forward HENCE
First-stringers ATEAM
Insulting, as a remark SNIDE
Settled up with PAID
Page layout measurement unit PICA
Tollbooth location, often EXIT
Stunt cyclist’s feat LEAP
Antonym of anonymity FAME
Work on a soap, say ACT