Usa Today Crossword Answers June 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
NASA "walk" EVA
Ketch’s pair MASTS
Blue toon SMURF
Where swift boats were deployed, for short NAM
In need of assembly APART
Dutch seat of government, with "the" HAGUE
Dart team’s quaff, perhaps ALE
Weasel kin known for invading beehives HONEYBADGER
Great Barrier Reef locale CORALSEA
Leave dumbstruck AWE
Support for a hot pot TRIVET
"For shame!" sound TSK
Land on the Strait of Hormuz OMAN
Rhea’s role on "Cheers" CARLA
Lady Gaga Fame or Purr by Katy Perry PERFUME
David Bowie’s widow IMAN
Darth Vader’s side, with "the" EMPIRE
Margery of nursery rhymes DAW
Takes a flat RENTS
Bit of slapstick ammo, and a word that can follow the first parts of 18- and 63-Across and 3- and 27-Down PIE
Gridiron sets of four DOWNS
"So last year" OLD
Volcanic emissions EJECTA
Say grace, say PRAY
Shaq or Wilt, once NBASTAR
One landing a job HIREE
"The Sweetest Taboo" singer SADE
Blanc who voiced Bugs and Porky MEL
Mason of "The Goodbye Girl" MARSHA
League-leading stat for a cleanup hitter, perhaps RBI
Free glassful at a restaurant ICEWATER
Home, to the self-effacing HUMBLEABODE
Mekong River language LAO
Word widely preferred over "Eskimo" INUIT
Badlands formations MESAS
Reporters’ bosses (Abbr.) EDS
Roman senators’ garb TOGAS
Scruggs’ partner in bluegrass FLATT
Seeded or seedless loaf RYE
Pass into law ENACT
Reason for a military medal VALOR
Seth MacFarlane cartoon sitcom AMERICANDAD
Gustav who composed "Winterlied" MAHLER
Last Supper attendee APOSTLE
All there, mentally SANE
Pick up the tab TREAT
Where hogs wallow STY
"Pygmalion" playwright SHAW
Built from MADEOF
Trendy boot brand UGG
Wish undone RUE
In favor of, in dialect FER
There are 13 in his dozen BAKER
___-garde AVANT
Jordan, winner of the 2015 Masters SPIETH
Dirty fighter, of sorts MUDWRESTLER
Subsidiary of Whirlpool AMANA
Full of gossip NEWSY
Unit of current AMPERE
Visibly abashed RED
Dungeon hardware IRONS
Peach ___ (ice cream dessert) MELBA
Photog’s shot PIC
All 700 2016 Topps baseball cards, e.g. SET
Word following "horse" or "soap" OPERA
Foxx of "Django Unchained" JAMIE
Aligned the crosshairs on AIMEDAT
Belgrade’s land SERBIA
Least experienced RAWEST
Defame in print LIBEL
Intoxicating, as a brew HEADY
Prepared to give a standing O AROSE
Short-order sandwiches, for short BLTS
La ___ Nostra COSA
Chart-topping tune HIT
108-card game UNO
Shaver’s vessel MUG
Big name in bowling centers AMF