Usa Today Crossword Answers June 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Rock bottom NADIR
Hertz competitor AVIS
Big name in auto parts NAPA
NSX and CDX automaker ACURA
Remove lumps from, as flour SIFT
Skin So Soft brand AVON
"SNL" star who lampooned Gerald Ford CHEVYCHASE
Steering wheel option TILT
Chair umpire’s call LET
Isle of Man native GAEL
Piano practice pieces ETUDES
Reporters-in-training CUBS
Box with a hired partner SPAR
Subway rider’s pocketful, once TOKENS
Pagan deity, to a nonpagan FALSEGOD
Many 29-Acrosses IDOLS
Sleeper agent MOLE
Offering from Chaucer’s miller or cook TALE
Item changed at a pit stop TIRE
Personal records BESTS
Tiny stream RILL
Beta tester, typically USER
Like a "gut" course EASY
"Enough already!" CANIT
"Don’t go away!" STAYHERE
Ups the stakes RAISES
Word repeated after "que," in song SERA
Low blow, e.g. FOUL
Italian sonnet’s conclusion SESTET
Handwringer’s word ALAS
___ West (life jacket) MAE
"Nolo contendere," e.g. PLEA
One of several on an LP ALBUMTRACK
Airline with a kosher menu ELAL
Papa John’s deliveries PIES
Greek column style IONIC
Like some ales and chocolates DARK
Rogen of "Steve Jobs" SETH
Many a summer home CONDO
Sodium chloride, chemically NACL
Need ibuprofen ACHE
Dueling pianos tune DUET
Rap mogul Gotti IRV
"Flash Gordon" weapons RAYGUNS
Bonfire remains ASHES
Perfume holder VIAL
Unresolved issues IFS
Places for church bells STEEPLES
Place for hikers to view flora and fauna NATURETRAIL
Like "bleacher creatures," typically AVID
Choice position at the Indy 500 POLE
Tunnel-creating insects ANTS
Alternatives to Ubers CABS
Profs’ test graders, perhaps TAS
Bloody Mary garnish CELERYSTALK
Containing 1-Down SALTY
Shakespeare’s "___ Andronicus" TITUS
Sappho or Pindar ODIST
Land of taekwondo’s origin KOREA
Bob with eight Tonys for choreography FOSSE
Yardage pickups GAINS
Skate park jump OLLIE
Shoulder muscles, briefly DELTS
Ben Stiller’s mother Anne MEARA
Brewpub array BEERTAPS
Like Don Rickles’ humor CAUSTIC
Start of a bray HEE
Go far and wide ROAM
Good poker hand FLUSH
Flouted the posted limit SPED
"Enchanted" girl of kid-lit ELLA
Blacken in a pan SEAR
Act as lookout for, say ABET
Thomas who wrote "Doctor Faustus" MANN
Jimi Hendrix’s rock genre ACID
Big name in kitchen gadgets EKCO
Invite a perjury rap LIE
Kanga’s son ROO