Usa Today Crossword Answers March 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
___ San Lucas (Baja resort) CABO
Creche trio MAGI
Blockbuster stock, once TAPES
Shepard in space ALAN
Like diehard fans AVID
Be nuts about ADORE
___ proprietorship SOLE
Khartoum’s river NILE
Island nation near Sicily MALTA
Dante’s inferno HELL
Produce aisle selection GALAAPPLE
Bricks-and-mortar worker MASON
D.C. player NAT
Quaint rejoinder to "Shall!" SHANT
Drink with unagi SAKE
"Monday Night Football" channel ESPN
Ripped to shreds TOREUP
Kanye’s wife KIM
Big name in pineapples DOLE
Mork’s home planet ORK
Desperate, as a situation DOORDIE
Jack Ryan’s org. CIA
Shelley works ODES
Lion, Tiger or Bear PRO
More shrewd CAGIER
Prell competitor PERT
Repel, with "off" FEND
Far from genteel CRASS
Feel out of sorts AIL
Lucy’s landlady of old TV ETHEL
Shared phone service of old PARTYLINE
Knocks the socks off AWES
Skier’s garment PARKA
Theocratic state since 1979 IRAN
Like a bad loser SORE
Common Christmas tree topper ANGEL
Porter who wrote "Night and Day" COLE
Limerick’s land, in verse ERIN
Bedtime reading STORY
Heal, as a bone KNIT
List of events, casually SKED
Johnny, "the Man in Black" CASH
Hand lotion additive ALOE
Penny on a green, perhaps BALLMARKER
Like some rural bridges ONELANE
Fruit in chutney, perhaps MANGO
Our feathered friends AVIANS
Tadpole’s breathing organ GILL
Lightbulb, in comics IDEA
St. Pete’s neighbor TAMPA
Made to fit ADAPTED
Pre- or post-election survey POLL
Folies Bergere designer ERTE
View from a boardwalk SEA
Deficient in 60-Down ANEMIC
Poker variety STUD
Urban ball game site STOOP
Nomadic group HORDE
Goodyear’s Ohio headquarters AKRON
Nanny’s offspring KID
Profession devoted to helping others SOCIALWORK
Practices, as a trade PLIES
Zeroes in on NEARS
Easy infield chance POPFLY
"-ite" mineral, often ORE
Word on a price list EACH
Less adorned STARKER
Does a lube job on GREASES
Mt. McKinley’s new name DENALI
Home to Florence ITALY
Religious doctrine TENET
Gasp for breath PANT
2012 thriller set in 65-Across ARGO
Lollipop sampling LICK
Mineral abundant in spinach IRON
Lake bordering four states ERIE
Email command SEND
Faux ___ (boo-boo) PAS