Usa Today Crossword Answers March 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Pillow accessory SHAM
Zoo barrier MOAT
Exhibited, as a condo SHOWN
Homer’s middle child LISA
Bunker’s nickname ARCH
Catcher in the "Who’s on First?" routine TODAY
"Understood," to a beatnik IDIG
Like "Inverted Jenny" stamps RARE
Put up with ABIDE
Neither a yes nor a no, oxymoronically DEFINITEMAYBE
Baskin-Robbins offerings CONES
Fawkes of the Gunpowder Plot GUY
Soda brand named for a mountain SHASTA
Break in continuity GAP
Dallas campus, for short SMU
Dayan of the Six-Day War MOSHE
Assist in crime ABET
Guarded body part, in soccer SHIN
What an antonym has OPPOSITEMEANING
Neither pass nor hand off KEEP
Bivouac chow, for short MRES
For the ___ (temporarily) NONCE
Misspeak, say ERR
Place for a seaweed wrap SPA
Twain title character SAWYER
Hand-wringer’s word WOE
Decorator’s theme MOTIF
Majority in Iran SHIITEMUSLIMS
Bit in tartar sauce CAPER
Wroclaw’s river ODER
Each, informally APOP
See eye to eye AGREE
Cheese covering RIND
Hawaiian coffee center KONA
Creator of Holmes and Watson DOYLE
"No problemo" EASY
Dutch cheese town EDAM
Lost traction SLID
Go underground HIDE
"Don’t you wish!" ASIF
Place to pick up tricks MAGICSHOP
Place for a yacht MARINA
Give a valedictory, say ORATE
North forty’s 40 ACRES
Those guys THEM
Put off bedtime STAYUP
Crossword solving, for many HOBBY
Whom Garfield torments ODIE
Roll of bills WAD
"Science Guy" Bill NYE
Reporter’s jottings NOTES
Marble with a swirl pattern AGATE
Puff a peace pipe SMOKE
Optimistic sort HOPER
"___ our conversation . . ." ASPER
Tiara inlays GEMS
Like a new penny SHINY
Chop into bits MINCE
Madison’s neatnik roomie UNGER
Gillette razor brand ATRA
Sue ___ (honey brand) BEE
Hexagonal sign of winter SNOWFLAKE
JFK Library architect IMPEI
Diarist Nin ANAIS
Evening get-together SOIREE
Unlikely to collapse STURDY
Cheese shape WHEEL
Television, radio, etc. MEDIA
Signs to heed OMENS
Quick for one’s age SPRY
Ran like heck TORE
Apple Store buy IPOD
Former Poet Laureate Van Duyn MONA
Meat in a Monty Python sketch SPAM
Unmannerly sort CAD
In the past AGO