Usa Today Crossword Answers March 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Models in bottles SHIPS
Digital clock toggle AMPM
Thunder sound CLAP
Senator Marco of Florida RUBIO
Pit stop item TIRE
Take on staff HIRE
Courtroom transcript pro STENO
Garden nuisance WEED
Give off EMIT
Tyson suffered one vs. Douglas STUNNINGDEFEAT
Bog yield PEAT
Long-established OLD
Like some winks and grins SLY
Spending limit CAP
Civil rights icon Parks ROSA
Word before centric or maniac EGO
Much of the time ALOT
"Hoarders" channel AANDE
Picket line participants STRIKINGWORKERS
Arcade coin TOKEN
Woodland grazer DEER
One-for-one deal SWAP
Icarus, to Daedalus SON
Not imagined REAL
Farmyard abode STY
Place for pampering SPA
Boot part TOE
Corvette roof option, once TTOP
Big incentive for a bounty hunter HANDSOMEREWARD
2012 Affleck thriller ARGO
New pilot’s milestone SOLO
Madoff’s offense FRAUD
Material for many Stetsons FELT
Catchall abbr. ETAL
Sunflower relative ASTER diagram TREE
Go like hotcakes SELL
In a peevish mood TESTY
Many SAT takers SRS
"Gilligan’s Island" abodes HUTS
"A likely story!" IBET
Locker room photo, perhaps PINUP
Longhorn’s gridiron rival SOONER
Completely baffled ATWITSEND
Personal bearing MIEN
Ragu competitor PREGO
Be a buttinsky MEDDLE
"Cutthroat Kitchen" competitor CHEF
Margarita garnishes LIMES
Common computer typeface ARIAL
Small-minded PETTY
Watts who played Diana NAOMI
Whodunit writer’s award EDGAR
Playbill listing CAST
Range above tenor ALTO
"Pulled" barbecue fare PORK
Rile up ANGER
Trees sacred to Druids OAKS
Causes of sudden deaths TIES
Cinnabon offering SWEETROLL
Common 6 p.m. broadcast NEWS
"Doggone it!" DRAT
2015 award for Caitlyn Jenner ESPY
Nautical measures KNOTS
Give a keynote, say ORATE
Oater "neckties" NOOSES
Like skim milk LOWFAT
Dumbwaiter enclosure SHAFT
Peeling utensil PARER
Protractor measure ANGLE
Overdo a part EMOTE
Analyze grammatically PARSE
Fuss over, with "on" DOTE
Carrier to Tel Aviv ELAL
Mob informers RATS
Piece for four hands DUET
Like some martinis DRY