Usa Today Crossword Answers May 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Walk nervously PACE
Heap kudos on LAUD
Red-carpet events GALAS
Was in the hole OWED
Color of unbleached linen ECRU
City northwest of Orlando OCALA
Jet Propulsion Laboratory org. NASA
Feels "blah" AILS
Examine ore ASSAY
Earlobe adornment DIAMONDSTUD
Pothook shape ESS
Place for a mill STREAM
Slalom entrant SKIER
Great buy STEAL
Foster, as a bad habit ENABLE
Scotch bottle datum AGE
Socked away SAVED
Tee shot target on a par-3 GREEN
Unspecified amount SOME
Keg party attire, perhaps TOGAS
Reel in LAND
White-tie affair wear TAILS
Cirrus cloud shapes WISPS
Many Rx writers MDS
"Let me think about it" ILLSEE
Scanty beachwear THONG
Irish poet with a "fanatic heart" YEATS
Ohio’s "Glass City" TOLEDO
Letters at Indy STP
Overseers of local education SCHOOLBOARD
ID card feature PHOTO
Wind quintet member OBOE
Just slightly ATAD
Torch’s offense ARSON
Upholstery problems RIPS
Manage, as unruly hair TAME
Turns off, as sound MUTES
Thomas Hardy heroine TESS
Symbol on the Texas flag STAR
Tadpoles’ homes PONDS
Lie in store for AWAIT
Millan, the "Dog Whisperer" CESAR
"My Cup Runneth Over" singer EDAMES
Skinless chicken breast, e.g. LEANMEAT
Bookmarked addresses, briefly URLS
Uses a Swiffer, perhaps DUSTS
Poking with a cattle prod GOADING
Cooling units, for short ACS
Presentation pointer’s output LASERBEAM
Wistful word ALAS
"Survey ___ . . ." (game show phrase) SAYS
Feedbag morsels OATS
Luau instrument, for short UKE
Banjoist Scruggs EARL
State firmly AVOW
On the up and up LEGIT
Do a credit union’s job LEND
Brings to a close ENDS
Wine city east of Turin ASTI
Shot into the net GOAL
Expert on social graces EMILYPOST
Inexact recipe amount DASH
"You’re something ___!" ELSE
Clean enough to eat off of SPOTLESS
Makes more flavorful SEASONS
Uppity sort SNOB
End-of-list abbr. ETC
Rejoices, in an in-your-face manner GLOATS
In need of dough SHORT
Bother incessantly EATAT
Category for many Emmys DRAMA
More off-the-wall ODDER
Inbox clogger SPAM
NO ___ TRAFFIC (street sign) THRU
American Theatre Wing award OBIE
"What a klutz I am!" OOPS
Reinforced part of a work boot TOE