Usa Today Crossword Answers November 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Drummer’s platform RISER
Parking space fixture METER
"My man!" BRO
Out of the way ASIDE
Eligible for lap-band surgery, say OBESE
Do a galley slave’s work ROW
State fish of Maryland STRIPEDBASS
Relative of porter ALE
It’s taught in modeling schools POSTURE
Took to the cleaners, so to speak HOSED
Turner portrayed by Angela Bassett TINA
Female slop eater SOW
One jogging an actor’s memory, say CUECARDHOLDER
Needed liniment ACHED
Turnip or carrot ROOT
Much of Paramore’s early music EMO
Horse-drawn carriage SHAY
Election Day list SLATE
"Roll Tide!" school, for short BAMA
Chinese dynasty after the Qin HAN
On the road AWAY
Emirate sometimes pronounced "cutter" QATAR
Dick Van Patten sitcom of 1977-81 EIGHTISENOUGH
Common tree or street name ELM
Mrs. David Copperfield DORA
Cheese city northwest of 6-Down PARMA
Course that a Brit calls "afters" DESSERT
Cancel abruptly AXE
It’s not liquid, gas or plasma SOLIDMATTER
Baked 52-Across item PIE
Call forth, as a memory EVOKE
Strikeout-to-walk ___ (baseball 53-Down) RATIO
Seek information ASK
Created wood dust SAWED
Place to buy lemonade STAND
Talk like a stereotypical mobster RASP
Analogy phrase ISTO
Lancelot and Galahad SIRS
Change, as a crossword diagram EDIT
Adjective before "mobster" REPUTED
City in NW Italy MODENA
Flow back, as the tide EBB
See 33-Down TEA
Curvy letter ESS
Do another take of RESHOOT
Some Spanx apparel BRAS
Auditioner’s goal ROLE
Yet to be settled OWED
Stonestreet of "Modern Family" ERIC
Avian pal of Pooh OWL
In an orderly formation ARRAYED
Old woman’s home, in rhyme SHOE
Eng’s twin CHANG
One-eighty, slangily UEY
Part of a lowercase "j" DOT
Arthur Miller’s "___ of a Salesman" DEATH
Stone of "La La Land" EMMA
First sound in an MGM movie ROAR
Arthur on four Davis Cup winners ASHE
With 8-Down, spiced Starbucks offering CHAI
Do the crawl, say SWIM
"Deck the Halls" syllables LAS
Scrabble tile container BAG
Oversized reference books ATLASES
Highly luminous cosmic objects QUASARS
Tassel’s place, on a dress HEM
Assented silently NODDED
Utah city near Provo OREM
Pizza magnate "___ John" Schnatter PAPA
Bush 43’s "___ of Evil" AXIS
Stink to high heaven REEK
Baseball card tidbit STAT
Kett of old comics ETTA
Equestrian’s brake REIN
Crushed underfoot, with "on" TROD
Eggs, in labs OVA
Needing a refill LOW
Ex of 23-Across IKE