Usa Today Crossword Answers November 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Pool iterations LAPS
No friends of union members SCABS
Half-___ (coffee option) CAF
Cookie with a PB&J variety OREO
Typical role for Hitchcock CAMEO
Ahead of the tag SAFE
Strong conviction FIRMBELIEF
Don’t mention OMIT
Sign on a free-samples tray TAKEONE
It’s worth 0 grade points FAILURE
CSS Virginia crewmen, for short REBS
Gets a promotion RISES
Dances with wild abandon MOSHES
Leading the pack AHEAD
Surveyors’ calculations AREAS
Have down cold KNOW
Umbrella inverter, maybe GUST
Souvenir of battle SCAR
San Diego pro PADRE
Org. concerned with workplace injuries OSHA
Ranch worker HAND
Cork’s land, to poets ERIN
Hypnotist’s command SLEEP
Victors’ shout WEWON
Walk like a penguin WADDLE
Apply, as fingerpaint SMEAR
Londoner’s lockup GAOL
"Om" and others MANTRAS
Lincoln debate opponent of 1858 DOUGLAS
Bancroft who played Mrs. Robinson ANNE
Double shot at the bar STIFFDRINK
Paint can direction STIR
Baby food or applesauce PUREE
Natural emollient ALOE
Gives birth to HAS
Elvis’ trademark look SNEER
"Live and Let Die" spy BOND
What a 9-iron provides LOFT
Pavarotti delivery ARIA
Corporate exec’s freebie PERK
Unspecified amount SOME
Public to-dos SCENES
Spy in Canaan CALEB
"What ___ bid?" AMI
Common taco filler BEEF
Dagwood’s napping spot SOFA
Albert who wrote "The Fall" CAMUS
Like Chicago in 1871 AFIRE
Honors in style FETES
Like oldies hits SOLIDGOLD
Monotone speakers, usually BORES
Part of a pension plan, briefly IRA
Tending to an icy road, maybe SANDING
Sitcom with Hawkeye and Radar MASH
Bicolored ocean predator ORCA
Hannity of talk radio SEAN
Cause of mineral buildup in faucets HARDWATER
One of a devil’s pair HORN
Shorn female EWE
Corn syrup brand since 1902 KARO
Like Goodwill goods USED
Silverstein who wrote "A Boy Named Sue" SHEL
Recording medium that’s "rolled" TAPE
Bench in a nave PEW
"To your health!" SALUD
Muff an easy one ERR
Low-frequency speaker WOOFER
Box office bonanza SMASH
Plankton-eating ray MANTA
Seat of County Clare ENNIS
Cost of a TV spot, say ADFEE
Snakes encountered by Indiana Jones ASPS
Sci-fi phaser setting STUN
Get one’s mitts on GRAB
Disney friend of Stitch LILO
Soon, to poets ANON
Depot posting, for short SKED
49-Down’s land (Abbr.) IRE