Usa Today Crossword Answers November 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Masseurs’ workplaces SPAS
Cinematic segment SCENE
Neatnik’s antithesis SLOB
Idiot-proof EASY
Doctor’s clip-on device PAGER
Yankee Doodle’s ride PONY
Newsman Chris on the rise? CLIMBINGWALLACE
Packets in caddies TEABAGS
Mayoral staffers AIDES
Middle name adopted by Lennon ONO
Walk proudly STRUT
Bit of Java programming APPLET
Place to stroll or fish PIER
War room feature MAP
Vuitton of fashion LOUIS
Stately home for pigs? PENPALACE
Picks, with "for" OPTS
Goes caroling, say SINGS
Heavy load to bear ONUS
Super-popular threat? HITMENACE
Angry bull’s sound SNORT
Undefined quantity ANY
Word after finish or foul LINE
Fabric named for an Indian city MADRAS
E-cigarette output VAPOR
In bygone days AGO
Like Santa’s helpers ELFIN
Ricer or parer UTENSIL
Flat part of a mallet? POUNDINGSURFACE
How thumb-twiddling is done IDLY
Item in a school desk RULER
Appliance with racks OVEN
Yardbird’s quarters CELL
Hut or houseboat ABODE
Sees the point of GETS
Shia or Sunni SECT
Showing terror, perhaps PALE
Jordan’s locale ASIA
Use of white to represent purity, e.g. SYMBOLISM
Coffee urn attachment SPIGOT
Supermarket array CANS
McMuffin ingredient EGG
Direct from the factory NEW
Presidential term, to historians ERA
Treat with a banana SPLIT
Dump truck capacity LOAD
Never before or since ONCE
NFL teams’ off-weeks BYES
Causes of ruin BANES
First lady before Michelle LAURA
Tracy of "Boys Town" SPENCER
Hint of color TINGE
Workout tally, briefly REPS
Lei-wearer’s "Welcome!" ALOHA
Stop by briefly POPIN
Glazier’s goo PUTTY
Lord’s 62-Across MANOR
Honda’s luxury line ACURA
Weevils, to cotton farmers PESTS
Instrument at a John or Joel concert PIANO
Raincoat brand LONDONFOG
Clippers sound SNIP
Grazer on a veldt ELAND
More prudent SAGER
Past adolescence MATURE
Siding option VINYL
Story on a grand scale EPIC
Source of riches LODE
At capacity FULL
Like most garage sale goods USED
Clip coupons, say SAVE
Fin player on "Law & Order: SVU" ICET
Shutterbug’s buy LENS
Glass of public radio IRA
Small protuberance NUB
"Shine," in brand names GLO