Usa Today Crossword Answers November 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Foreign student’s document VISA
Easter service MASS
Colorful bricks LEGOS
Liederkranz cheese emanation ODOR
Caesarean rebuke ETTU
Conjure up EVOKE
Failed in business WENTUNDER
Duke or earl TITLE
Yield to gravity SAG
C-shaped shop item CLAMP
Ready to be poured ONTAP
Move like magma FLOW
Salad dressing option RANCH
Hall who cohosts "The Chew" CARLA
Film ___ (dark genre) NOIR
Muffs a pop fly, say ERRS
Invoice figure AMOUNT
G.I.-entertaining group USO
First course, often SOUP
Gamblers’ strategies SYSTEMS
News agency initials since 1958 UPI
Some building add-ons ELLS
Inflate, as expenses PAD
Orbital extreme APOGEE
Garden hose holder REEL
They may clash in Hollywood EGOS
Phoenix’s remains, and origin ASHES
"___ Believe in Magic" (Lovin’ Spoonful hit) DOYOU
Bath towel word HERS
Appliance with burners STOVE
Like cherries jubilee, just before serving AFIRE
Tot’s mud concoction PIE
Like wickerwork WOVEN
Was unfaithful RANAROUND
Word after free or double AGENT
Minerals ending in "-ite," often ORES
"Free Willy" beast ORCA
"M*A*S*H" setting KOREA
Unlike a gracious loser SORE
Big name in auto parts FRAM
Altar exchanges VOWS
Start of an invention IDEA
Troubadour’s offering SONG
Topiary or origami ART
___ Park (Edison lab site) MENLO
When roosters crow ATDAWN
Part of a musical note STEM
Word shouted at some parties SURPRISE
Reveal, as feelings LETON
Makes clear EVINCES
Made a phone connection GOTTHROUGH
Tulsa locale (Abbr.) OKLA
Leak out slowly SEEP
Bruins fans, briefly UCLANS
Seasonal ailment FLU
Quality of a therapeutic oil AROMA
Pole heaved by Scotsmen CABER
Walk unhurriedly AMBLE
Did a dog trick ROLLEDOVER
Play better than OUTDO
Delhi cash RUPEE
Moles, perhaps SPIES
Common blood group TYPEO
Cacti of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert SAGUAROS
Not as meaty SPARER
Melania Trump, by birth SLOVENE
CIA precursor OSS
Result of a sock in the eye SHINER
Meddlesome sort YENTA
Backspace over, say ERASE
Letters on a love letter SWAK
Like drive-thru window orders TOGO
Card game that sounds like an ancient ruler FARO
Sound of a well-tuned engine PURR
Atahualpa’s people INCA
Cheese in a red coat EDAM
Reaction to a sock in the gut OOF