Usa Today Crossword Answers November 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Goes one better than TOPS
Tax-season VIPs CPAS
Marten family member SABLE
In the know about UPON
Gothic window feature ARCH
For the birds? AVIAN
University in Muncie, Indiana BALLSTATE
Verizon or AT&T TELCO
Many a microbrew ALE
Needing a chill pill TENSE
Setting of Van Gogh’s "starry sky" paintings ARLES
Place for a picnic PARK
Former rival of TWA PANAM
Ewers’ mates in still lifes BASINS
"Shop ___ you drop" TIL
U.S. territory in Kim invectives GUAM
Officiated at Citi Field, say UMPED
Obstinate equine ASS
Cartesian "therefore" ERGO
Tourist’s rental CAR
Two-handed attempt, in basketball SETSHOT
Kanye West’s genre RAP
Stretchy fabric KNIT
Exact revenge on GET
Fling with force HEAVE
Fit to stand trial SANE
Part of LGBT GAY
Showed signs of aging GRAYED
"Swamp People" critter GATOR
Walkway on pilings, perhaps PIER
Market value WORTH
Category for many Emmys DRAMA
Letters on the Pinafore HMS
Have a thing for ADORE
Recreational path converted from a disused track RAILTRAIL
Makes hopping mad RILES
Look like a wolf? OGLE
Machu Picchu dweller INCA
Bench-clearing brawl MELEE
Irksome sort PEST
Occasion for a Hallmark card, for short BDAY
Dixieland band horn TUBA
Milky, light-reflecting gem OPAL
Track and field item once made of bamboo POLE
NBC show with a "Weekend Update" SNL
Indulges, with "to" CATERS
"Pulled" bit of mischief PRANK
"The Ed Sullivan Show" lineup ACTS
Like an embarrassed grin SHEEPISH
Pitchfork toter SATAN
Bowler’s statistic AVERAGE
"St. Vincent" star BILLMURRAY
Gown designer’s stock LACE
Mireille of "Big Love" ENOS
Bleacher bum’s spot STANDS
Dessert in a crust PIE
"Add to that . . ." ALSO
Tries to throw, at a rodeo BUCKS
Frigidaire rival AMANA
Crispy Chinese appetizer SPRINGROLL
"Yum-o!" TASTY
Base ingredient of tequila AGAVE
Wore a puss MOPED
French Toaster Sticks brand EGGO
Sign of sorrow TEARDROP
Statement ending in "or else!" THREAT
Aromatherapy oil source TEATREE
Eustachian tube site EAR
Kind of drink or tool GIMLET
"We hold ___ truths . . ." THESE
Trick-or-treaters’ totes PAILS
Getting closer, in a guessing game WARM
Jon Arbuckle’s pooch ODIE
The Hulk’s emotion RAGE
Word that may precede the first parts of 17-, 37- and 61-Across and 11- and 28-Down HAND
Mineral in insulation MICA
More than just amuse SLAY
Umbrella part RIB