Usa Today Crossword Answers November 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Draws away from shore EBBS
Lights-out melody TAPS
Zoomed along SPED
Landlocked nation of West Africa MALI
Like Stephen King’s Pennywise EVIL
Foul-tempered SURLY
Period marked by smelting of copper BRONZEAGE
Zola of the literary school of naturalism EMILE
It can be poached legally EGG
Movie trailers, e.g. ADS
Played a tabla or djembe DRUMMED
Unlikely to yield RESOLUTE
Jay Gould’s railroad ERIE
What an energy drink will give you PEP
"Same difference" NOMATTER
Clotho and her sisters, with "the" FATES
Balance-reducing entry DEBIT
Furious feeling IRE
"Country Boy" singer Jackson ALAN
Word that can follow the last parts of 16- and 58-Across and 10- and 34-Down LIMIT
Counterfeiter’s pursuer, for short TMAN
Mel Gibson’s "Mad" character MAX
Lamp dweller GENIE
Item with drawers CHEST
Step up, as a conflict ESCALATE
Sound from Mary’s follower BAA
Regrets bitterly RUES
Fashionable folks SMARTSET
Occur prior to PREDATE
Extracted asset ORE
In support of PRO
Ushered to a seat LEDIN
Like some loans or disability SHORTTERM
Makes more readable, perhaps EDITS
Stance on a runway POSE
Reflex test target KNEE
Colon’s pair DOTS
Criterion for public assistance NEED
Underdogs seek to defy them ODDS
Smoldering remnant EMBER
Trash-hauling craft BARGE
Columns on crosswords, e.g. BLOGS
Biblical offense SIN
Prepared to drive TEEDUP
Seaman’s "Stop!" AVAST
Truffle-seeking animal PIG
Toy on a slippery slope SLED
Yalta event of 1945 SUMMIT
Evening viewing hours PRIMETIME
Fashion magazine since 1945 ELLE
Treated with indigo, say DYED
Georges who painted with dots SEURAT
"America’s diamond store" ZALES
Send via PayPal, e.g. REMIT
Begin the business day OPEN
"Them," to "us" ENEMIES
2017 stage award for Matthew Broderick OBIE
Baseball’s dead-ball and live-ball ERAS
Patronize Airbnb RENT
Celebrity status FAME
Word that may precede sad news ALAS
Reduction on a return TAXCREDIT
By ___ of (owing to) DINT
Bare minimum LEAST
"Oh, no! Not ___!" THAT
Gathers bit by bit GLEANS
"Insert this" symbol CARET
Takes for no credit AUDITS
Like many zoo enclosures BARRED
Largest deer MOOSE
Blow some bucks SPEND
Missed a cue, say ERRED
Encyclopedia volumes, e.g. TOMES
Made an appeal PLED
Give a new design to REDO
Oft-watched channel in a man cave ESPN
Soil-turning tool HOE
Pugilistic stat TKO