Usa Today Crossword Answers November 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Figure depicted in stained glass SAINT
Fret about, slangily SWEAT
In place of FOR
Further along in life OLDER
Door jamb attachment HINGE
Look back on regretfully RUE
Rash enthusiasm WILDABANDON
List-abbreviating abbr. ETC
Place to wallow STY
Beverage store buy CASE
Arguing or laboring ATIT
Makes a meal of FEEDSON
Tablespoon-size cookie CHOCOLATEDROP
Lariat tosser ROPER
Wizened caster of spells HAG
Like old lettuce LIMP
Dr. Zaius of moviedom, e.g. APE
Not as tipsy SOBERER
Vintage car whose name is a monogram REO
In top condition, to a collector MINT
Umlaut half DOT
Some Persian Gulf rulers EMIRS
Carrier of excess water DRAINAGEDITCH
Lessen the quality of CHEAPEN
Service entrance location, maybe REAR
Benghazi’s land LIBYA
Unload on eBay SELL
Protrude, like Jay Leno’s chin JUT
Keogh plan alternative IRA
Taiwan Strait vessel CHINESEJUNK
Hooked up with MET
Summer forecast word HUMID
Call-in show medium RADIO
Comb dweller BEE
Like bottles for recycling EMPTY
Easy gaits TROTS
20-Across females SOWS
Ended a flight ALIT
Without purpose IDLY
Robb’s father on "Game of Thrones" NED
Caterpillar products TRACTORS
Volcanic peak in California SHASTA
Beverage with a nose WINE
Neighbor of a tackle END
In a bygone time AGO
Not hard to chew TENDER
Marcher to the beat of his own drum FREESPIRIT
Business expenses OUTGO
Info-gathering mission RECON
Bondsman’s offering BAIL
Fan club’s focus IDOL
Card that can have two values ACE
Cause of a rapid heartbeat, perhaps FEAR
Head start, e.g. EDGE
Study all night, say CRAM
Snake dance tribe HOPI
Town hall event, perhaps OPENDEBATE
Greek letter in geometric angles THETA
Chi-town exchange, with "the" MERC
Fancy-schmancy POSH
Yellow-furred dog of comics ODIE
Capital before German reunification BONN
Warning of imminent attack REDALERT
Fast-food order carrier TRAY
Orbiter from 1986 to 2001 MIR
Military helicopter named for a tribe APACHE
Money-grubbing GREEDY
Serpentine swimmers EELS
Approach the peak of CLIMB
Personnel director’s find HIREE
Huffy state SNIT
Sport similar to aikido JUDO
Peck or pound UNIT
Bout stoppers, briefly TKOS
Play a kazoo HUM
Troublemaking tyke IMP
Nutella holder JAR