Usa Today Crossword Answers November 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Derek, baseball’s "Mr. November" JETER
"Terrible" phase TWOS
Cardinals cap letters STL
Singer with the albums "19," "21" and "25" ADELE
Verdi opera premiering in Cairo AIDA
Color wheel components HUES
Musical based on "Madame Butterfly" MISSSAIGON
Volcano that erupted in 2017 ETNA
Custard-filled pastry ECLAIR
Checks, as spending REINSIN
London’s Paddington, e.g. (Abbr.) STA
Green smudges on jeans, perhaps GRASSSTAINS
Bill also called a "Benjamin" CNOTE
Shade similar to ecru TAN
Cowboy boot accessory SPUR
Discipline with warrior poses YOGA
Drug for Parkinson’s patients LDOPA
Spray paint, e.g. AEROSOL
Attacked like an eagle SWOOPED
"The Whiffenpoof Song" collegian YALIE
Diet successfully LOSE
47 for Ag or 79 for Au ATNO
"Sixth man" in basketball SUB
Shakespeare’s Sir Toby BELCH
Sewing style employing X shapes CROSSSTITCH
Mom-and-pop-aiding org. SBA
Landmass divided by the Urals EURASIA
Charlton who played Moses HESTON
Sign of impending doom OMEN
Item worn with a business suit DRESSSHIRT
Brit’s bit of tea SPOT
"Hairy man" of Genesis ESAU
Slight coloration TINGE
Reptilian warning found in 17-, 24-, 50- and 61-Across SSS
Stud on a stud farm SIRE
Filled to the gills SATED
First name of six U.S. presidents JAMES
Papal decree EDICT
Car not seen at gas stations TESLA
Anna’s sister in "Frozen" ELSA
Give two weeks’ notice, say RESIGN
___ chi (meditative discipline) TAI
Headgear for an Aaron Judge fan WIG
They stink ODORS
Least loony SANEST
Valley bordered by the Blue Ridge Mountains SHENANDOAH
People of Rwanda and Burundi TUTSI
Red Square tomb occupant LENIN
___ souci (carefree) SANS
Often-dry creek ARROYO
Calvino who wrote "Invisible Cities" ITALO
Midway or Bikini ATOLL
Line part (Abbr.) SEG
Breads in some breakfast sandwiches CROISSANTS
"Come to think of it . . ." SAY
Shell game spheroid PEA, e.g. URL
Your car or home, e.g. ASSET
Decline, with "out" OPT
Cross, Parker or Montblanc PEN
"Much ___ About Nothing" ADO
Creator of the Grinch SEUSS
Big name in grape products WELCHS
Kimono accessory OBI
Less-played halves of 45s, usually BSIDES
Holders of toys and tools CHESTS
Boardroom VIPs CEOS
Keisters RUMPS
"Wonderfilled" cookies OREOS
Ankle bones TARSI
Time in the army, say STINT
Victor, entertainment’s "Great Dane" BORGE
Paid for a hand ANTED
Majority of Muslims in Iraq SHIA
Site of our smallest bones EAR
Drag to court SUE