Usa Today Crossword Answers November 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Plantation units ACRES
Levine of Maroon 5 ADAM
Sighed interjection ALAS
Puff up, as an ego BLOAT
Facetious nickname for a big guy TINY
___ stick (classic toy) POGO
Baked potato toppers, perhaps BUTTERPATS
Place to brown buns OVEN
Midriff muscles, briefly ABS
Church tower sound PEAL
Comerica Park nine TIGERS
Sound of a blender blade WHIR
Egg boiler’s aid TIMER
Dead on one’s feet BUSHED
Lounge pianists may take them REQUESTS
Tree with fluttering leaves ASPEN
Arrange a date for FIXUP
Initials on a packed house SRO
Like gruel THIN
"The Divine Comedy" poet DANTE
Carb-rich vegetable, slangily SPUD
Female Leghorn HEN
MLB draft decisions PICKS
Cowpoke’s rope RIATA
Smudges on test papers, perhaps ERASURES
Quarter’s threesome MONTHS
Jabs, from most boxers LEFTS
2017 hurricane after Irma JOSE
Approve, as a law RATIFY
Needing a rubdown, perhaps SORE
Belittle, slangily DIS
OPEC charter member IRAN
It’s not yet in history books RECENTPAST
Peace offering that’s passed PIPE
Wearing road grays, say AWAY
Like the worm-catcher, in a saying EARLY
Cheeky talk SASS
Top scores from a "Dancing With the Stars" judge TENS
Incorporate, as the U.S. did Texas ANNEX
Pop group with a Stockholm museum ABBA
Alley Oop’s weapon CLUB
Goes to seed ROTS
Partake of a smorgasbord EAT
Quipster Colbert STEPHEN
For face value ATPAR
Start a phone call DIAL
Colonist in a hill ANT
That certain something MYSTIQUE
Outermost orbital point APOGEE
Couple’s clash LOVERSSPAT
Word after New or golden AGER
Word after "&," in business names SONS
Tara of "Sharknado" REID
"Stop shaking me!" IMUP
"___ in the course of human events . . ." WHEN
Messages often typed with thumbs TEXTS
Enjoy a soak BATHE
Theater or church worker USHER
Lumbar punctures SPINALTAPS
Curling venues RINKS
"Dare" alternative, in a party game TRUTH
Teetotalers’ quaffs SODAS
Pair on a king or jack FACES
Cagney impersonator’s phrase DIRTYRAT
Trigonometry function SINE
Magic dragon of song PUFF
Drink brewed from petals ROSETEA
Cod fishermen’s gear SEINES
Daybreak, in verse MORN
Babies in pouches JOEYS
Tights mishaps RIPS
Oratorio highlight ARIA
Read, as a bar code SCAN
Mend with thread DARN
Maroon’s home ISLE
River between Earth and Hades STYX
Bleating source of milk EWE
Deep-dish pizza holder PAN