Usa Today Crossword Answers November 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Academy newcomer PLEBE
Court postponement STAY
Message from a sitcom sponsor TVAD
Was down with something AILED
Spy also called a "sleeper agent" MOLE
Change cities, in Realtor-speak RELO
Sore losers POORSPORTS
Self-storage rental UNIT
Gunn of "Breaking Bad" ANNA
Sure winner, in sports slang LOCK
Elicit a smile from AMUSE
Classroom favorites TEACHERSPETS
Not worthy of BENEATH
Symbol of bondage YOKE
Scotch bottle datum AGE
Souvenir tops TEES
Women’s shoe style TSTRAP
Car buyer’s aid, perhaps LOAN
Like a low-wattage bulb DIM
___ meuniere (fish dish) SOLE
Where Natalie Portman was born ISRAEL
Word in a bailiff’s command RISE
Drag along LUG
Terse denial NOTI
Ski races with gates SLALOMS
Something one can do without thinking SECONDNATURE
Spices’ shelfmates HERBS
Fisher-Price offerings TOYS
Mexican finger food TACO
Cookie in some Klondike bars OREO
"If it can go wrong, it will" MURPHYSLAW
Brad of "The Big Short" PITT
Opening chip ANTE
Marble resembling a gemstone AGATE
Gets the gist of SEES
Temporarily unplayable, as a ball DEAD
Biblical breaker of tablets MOSES
Senior Smurf PAPA
Sphinx or griffin, in part LION
Musk of Tesla ELON
Chew out BERATE
Mag. execs EDS
Played kissy-face SMOOCHED
Set ablaze TORCH
Either of two space bar neighbors ALTKEY
"I’d be glad to" YES
Alpert and Armstrong played them TRUMPETS
Concert hall, e.g. VENUE
Elite invitees ALIST
Lavishes affection, with "on" DOTES
Buffet stack item PLATE
Sets a price of ASKS
Absorb, as a cost EAT
Turn to compost ROT
Indonesian resort island BALI
They may clash in Hollywood EGOS
Within easy reach of NEAR
Round Table title SIR
Caramel-and-chocolate candy brand ROLO
"Class of" person, for short ALUM
Identifies, slangily PEGS
Microscopic machines NANOBOTS
Hit "q" instead of "w," say MISTYPED
Many millennia EONS
Ford’s Crown Victoria, e.g. LTD
Post-blizzard mess SLUSH
Place for a hoop EAR
Not sharp or flat INTUNE
Turns loose LETSGO
Compares prices SHOPS
Causing the willies EERIE
Home to a labyrinth, in Greek myth CRETE
Vessel in an angiogram AORTA
Sad work for Yorick ALAS
Blanchett of "Elizabeth" CATE
Is in the hole OWES
Alfred E. Neuman’s magazine MAD
Orange tuber YAM