Usa Today Crossword Answers October 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Willie Nelson vocal quality TWANG
Witness stand pledge OATH
FBI agent, slangily GMAN
Steve, the "Crocodile Hunter" IRWIN
Lady Antebellum or the Dixie Chicks TRIO
Go berserk RAGE
43,560 square feet ACRE
Ocular woe STYE
Qualifying races HEATS
Building built from a kit, perhaps SHED
Clothing department suffix WEAR
Pocketful, in a nursery rhyme POSIES
Have the means AFFORD
Hume of "Cocoon" CRONYN
River of Nantes LOIRE
Woodwind that’s reedless FLUTE
Chow down EAT
Receptionist’s place DESK
Unsliced hunks of bacon SLABS
Shrek or Fiona OGRE
Pellet stove residue ASH
Like so-called "Monopoly money" PHONY
Occasion to smoke a peace pipe TRUCE
Ben & Jerry’s servings SCOOPS
Start to catch up to GAINON
Be a noodge to BOTHER
Title for Helen Mirren DAME
Birthplace of seven presidents OHIO
Many a Trump message TWEET
Air Jordan sneaker brand NIKE
Baylor’s city WACO
Shag securer CARPETTACK
Ticks off IRKS
Part of CPU UNIT
As clear as mud VAGUE
"Child’s play!" EASY
Genius Bar pro TECH
Feeds in a sty SLOPS
Rapid blinking and hand flapping, for two TICS
Order in the court? WRIT
Off course AWRY
"Good job!" NICEWORK
Largest species of antelope GNU
Playful, web-footed mammal OTTER
Field of expertise AREA
Feature of limousine windows, perhaps TINT
Places with Wi-Fi availability HOTSPOTS
Lush, like a pasture GRASSY
Weapon in gangster movies MACHINEGUN
Be on the same page AGREE
Must-haves NEEDS
Herring kin rich in omega-3s SHAD
Poetic homophone of "air" ERE
Number that shares a key with "!" ONE
Pierce portrayer on "M*A*S*H" ALDA
Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze, to Batman FOES
Seafood in the frozen food aisle FISHSTICKS
Highlands groups CLANS
July birthstone RUBY
Broadway bomb FLOP
With the bow, in music ARCO
Many a Taylor Swift fan TEEN
Time-saving route SHORTCUT
Monopoly avenue in the light-blue group ORIENTAL
"The Tell-Tale Heart" author POE
Topper with a pom-pom TAM
Difficult to please CHOOSY
Scandal suffix GATE
David who sang "Under Pressure" BOWIE
Family name at Tara OHARA
It’s measured in fathoms DEPTH
Peter out WANE
Former Attorney General Holder ERIC
Shakespeare’s "Spartan dog" IAGO
Keurig single-serve pod KCUP
Barely scrapes together, with "out" EKES
Man cave essentials, for short TVS