Usa Today Crossword Answers October 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Wise old head SAGE
Bikini parts BRAS
Overplay, as a role HAMUP
Platinum Card offerer, for short AMEX
Roller hockey venue RINK
Get hitched in Vegas, perhaps ELOPE
Was victorious WONTHEDAY
Dental hygienist’s request RINSE
Scatters, as seed STREWS
"CSI" setting LAB
Entry on a Merchant Copy TIP
Schooner filler ALE
(not my error) SIC
Tanning salon units BEDS
1967 Sidney Poitier movie, or its theme song TOSIRWITHLOVE
Husband of Jackie O. ARI
See 63-Across SAX
Double affirmative statement YESIDO
Oldest U.S. airline DELTA
Unspecified degree NTH
Fund, as a grant ENDOW
Pull up stakes quickly DECAMP
Sushi or sashimi selection EEL
Milk source for Romano cheese EWE
"I don’t know why, but . . ." FORSOMEREASON
Stunt cyclist’s prop RAMP
Many an heir SON
Variety show since 1975, familiarly SNL
Dada pioneer Jean ARP
Topper with a tassel FEZ
Does 80 in a 55, say SPEEDS
Word with spitting or mirror IMAGE
Reduced gradually ATEAWAYAT
With 32-Across, instrument played by Coltrane TENOR
Old World Style sauce brand RAGU
Frat house Z ZETA
Check for fit TRYON
1-Down, e.g. TOOL
Site of a biblical temptation EDEN
Tree surgeon’s need SAW
"Famous" cookie maker AMOS
Lady’s mate, briefly GENT
Actors in crowd scenes, say EXTRAS
MLB team that switched leagues in 1998 BREWERS
Clears (of) RIDS
Gasteyer of "Suburgatory" ANA
Like a hotel atrium SKYLIT
Basil or dill HERB
He sparred verbally with Cosell ALI
Capital of Uruguay MONTEVIDEO
Like the Poseidon, after the tidal wave UPSIDEDOWN
Incubator sounds PEEPS
Prefix with pad or port HELI
Needing an analgesic ACHY
Next number in a series suggested by the starts of 17-, 27-, 46- and 60-Across SIXTEEN
Ship’s petty officer, briefly BOSN
One involved in timber production TREEFARMER
Obi-___ Kenobi WAN
Spike who directed "Chi-Raq" LEE
Toss in ADD
Be in the hole OWE
Rain-delay rollout TARP
Early hrs. AMS
The Beatles’ "And I Love ___" HER
Yoga position POSE
Namesake of a line of Gibson guitars LESPAUL
"The Marriage of Figaro" composer MOZART
With a clean slate ANEW
Disreputable sort SLEAZE
Bonnie in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame RAITT
Seedless, flowerless plant FERN
___ lily (Utah’s state flower) SEGO
Like Easter eggs DYED
Fill to excess SATE
Melted chocolate, e.g. GOO
Lao-tzu’s "Way" TAO
Vacationer’s shade, perhaps TAN