Usa Today Crossword Answers October 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
Pizza magnate "___ John" Schnatter PAPA
Bill killer VETO
Irish currency replaced by the euro POUND
"Keeper of sheep" in Genesis ABEL
Lendl of tennis IVAN
Pet tag datum OWNER
Nether regions of the universe DEEPSPACE
Sports artist Neiman LEROY
Soda insert STRAW
Anagrams piece TILE
Recent USNA grad ENS
Throw, as a shadow CAST
On the up and up LICIT
A power tube contains one PARTIALVACUUM
Tire pressure fig. PSI
Like Caspar Milquetoast MEEK
___ firma (dry land) TERRA
Make an aquatint, e.g. ETCH
Prettify oneself PRIMP
Saucy lass SNIP
Laser printer supply TONER
Sled dog group TEAM
Snaky path ESS
Absence of religion, say SPIRITUALVOID
TBS talk show since 2010 CONAN
Nikola Tesla, by birth SERB
___ grecque (cooking term) ALA
Commencement honoree, briefly GRAD
Trickles slowly SEEPS
Fries size LARGE
Issue of concern to feminists GENDERGAP
Less cramped FREER
Director Kazan ELIA
Slightest trace IOTA
Brewery namesake Samuel ADAMS
Claim innocence of DENY
Far from ruddy ASHY
Gridiron protection PADS
Be the lookout for, say ABET
One in a jury box PEER
Llama lookalike ALPACA
Mendes of "The Other Guys" EVA
Public relations skill TACT
Ed of "Modern Family" ONEILL
Malodorous mammal POLECAT
Have markers out OWE
Like an ace, in tennis UNRETURNED
Two-sport pro "___ Deion" Sanders NEON
Prohibition supporters DRYS
Move like gnats SWARM
Tyler of "The Strangers" LIV
Line-dance lesson component STEP
Organizational level TIER
Prettifies at a patisserie ICES
Place for an outdoor lunch PICNICAREA
Japanese dog with a curly tail AKITA
"The Haj" novelist URIS
National Geographic inserts MAPS
Kennel visitors PETS
Baseball coach’s hands-up signal STOP
Foot-long meal, perhaps HERO
Diner on "Alice" MELS
Apply macadam to PAVE
Good shots in horseshoes RINGERS
"What hath God wrought?" sender MORSE
Binder for macadam TAR
Like new wine or cheese UNAGED
Portugal’s locale IBERIA
Code letter before "bravo" ALFA
Ingredient in piecrust LARD
Mark for excision DELE
Divas have big ones EGOS
Place to bike or hike PATH
Fix at the vet’s office SPAY
Item in a setting GEM
Erotic diary writer NIN
___ labor (some temp work) DAY