Usa Today Crossword Answers October 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Japanese sword sport KENDO
Prefix with freeze ANTI
Trees with pliable wood YEWS
Apply, as pressure EXERT
Blocker of Superman’s X-ray vision LEAD
Birthstone before topaz OPAL
Entire range GAMUT
Glaswegian 60-Down LASS
Charitable organization’s plea GIVE
Los Angeles environmental posting SMOGALERT
Didn’t shy away from FACED
"Mrs. Doubtfire" costume piece WIG
Villain’s doings EVIL
Appear before, on a timeline PREDATE
Japan’s region FAREAST
Stretched Lincs or Caddies, say LIMOS
It may "fly" in a fight FUR
Floating trash hauler SCOW
On the edge of one’s seat AGOG
San Marino’s surrounder ITALY
Alexa’s iPhone counterpart SIRI
Fourth Greek vowel IOTA
"Toy Story" dinosaur REX
Things to avoid DONTS
Vineyard support TRELLIS
In the midst of AMONGST
Many a BuzzFeed feature LIST
"Head for the hills!" RUN
Lacking a lust for life JADED
Dancers resembling a slithering snake CONGALINE
Cab company competitor UBER
Jenga or jacks GAME
Placido Domingo, e.g. TENOR
Kitchen timer’s sound DING
Clearance sale caveat ASIS
Buffet patron EATER
Crafts-selling site ETSY
"Sure, why not?" LETS
Metalworker’s waste DROSS
Beer bust buys KEGS
Physical, e.g. EXAM
Pixar’s lost clownfish NEMO
Slip a Mickey to DRUG
Chief Pontiac’s tribespeople OTTAWAS
Claim without proof ALLEGE
Just steps away NEAR
Aesthetically pleasing TASTEFUL
Some minors have fake ones IDS
Where "downward dog" may be learned YOGALESSON
"Titanic" or "Ben-Hur" EPIC
What a surfer may "catch" WAVE
Winter coaster SLED
English course, for short LIT
Wood in plywood FIR
What results may do, in ads VARY
Weave into cornrows PLAIT
Extreme hardship RIGOR
Act the ham EMOTE
Adverse reaction to dander, say DOGALLERGY
Pulling off perfectly ACING
Puts into pigeonholes SORTS
Literary surprise TWIST
All-in-one printer function FAX
Bloom in many Van Gogh works IRIS
Precedent-setter, in court TESTCASE
Visited a bloodmobile DONATED
Tupperware topper LID
James of "Gunsmoke" ARNESS
Cocoa holder MUG
Law of "Alfie" JUDE
Just slightly ABIT
Hyenas’ homes DENS
Leave off OMIT
King of Shakespearean tragedy LEAR
Fascinated with INTO
Regretful responses NOES
Bungles the job ERRS
Inner woman of 20- and 53-Across and 10- and 29-Down GAL