Usa Today Crossword Answers October 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Attack from all sides BESET
Shoplift, slangily BOOST
Battle of Britain fliers (Abbr.) RAF
Without peer ALONE
Hippo’s milieu RIVER
"The loneliest number," in song ONE
Dangler in a deli window GENOASALAMI
Bud’s "Who’s on First?" partner LOU
Spiraling down INASPIN
Place for gloss LIP
Key below "Home" on a PC END
Pothole filler TAR
Automaker Ransom Eli ___ OLDS
Make a run for it LAM
Chocolatelike candy since 1907 TOOTSIEROLL
Corning product GLASS
"Gotcha!" AHA
Comics dog since 1978 ODIE
"The Mod Squad" role LINC
Industry honcho BARON
Note to the staff MEMO
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Links position LIE
Raptor’s gripper TALON
Meaty Taco Bell offering BEEFBURRITO
Russian orbiter until 2001 MIR
Dredging vessel SCOW
Hubcap holder RIM
___ week (time off in the NFL) BYE
Little devil IMP
"Sweet" girl of song ADELINE
Flock’s place LEA
Shaped like 17-, 28- and 46-Across CYLINDRICAL
Kayaking need OAR
Shoelace annoyances KNOTS
Polish, as text EMEND
Auto grille protector BRA
Final authority SAYSO
Shows courage DARES
Stop trying, slangily BAGIT
Kagan of the Supreme Court ELENA
Fish-tracking aid SONAR
Mireille of "If I Stay" ENOS
Brewers with spouts TEAPOTS
Marlon of "The Godfather" BRANDO
Shale extract OIL
Serving platter shape, perhaps OVAL
Vehicle that can jackknife SEMI
Rare hit for a slow-footed batter TRIPLE
Setter of good examples ROLEMODEL
Bartlett’s abbr. ANON
Bad blood between rappers, say FEUD
Corn Belt skyline feature SILO
Givers of the evil eye STARERS
Scratch and sniff feature AROMA
"The Affair" channel, for short SHO
Fleming who created 007 IAN
Ride to the airport, perhaps LIMO
Spanish home to many cathedrals LEON
Shapeless mass GLOB
Lawn application LIME
Mother of Ben Stiller ANNEMEARA
"Futurama" genre SCIFI
___-ray (disc format) BLU
Pellet gun propellant AIR
Stood tall TOWERED
Lego pieces BRICKS
Playground retort to a doubter ICANSO
Broadway barber Sweeney TODD
Gnocchi maker’s utensil RICER
Totally absurd INANE
Canasta combinations MELDS
Shapeless mass BLOB
Roughly 26 fortnights YEAR
Mimicking bird MYNA
Cunning tactic PLOY
Light-green bean LIMA
"___ your call" ITS