Usa Today Crossword Answers October 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Lane of "The Perfect Storm" DIANE
Play chords, perhaps STRUM
Catch, as game BAG
Sans-serif typeface ARIAL
"Casablanca" instrument PIANO
Tooth care org. ADA
Place to cook dogs BARBECUEPIT
Costa del ___, Spain SOL
One target of NASA’s Mariner program MARS
Word with soap or horse OPERA
Date-night hirees SITTERS
Manuscript copiers of old SCRIBES
Invoice figure AMOUNT
Sister (and rival) of Venus SERENA
Speak boastfully of VAUNT
Did a mole’s work SPIED
Man-eating monster of myth OGRE
Duck hunter’s cover BLIND
Musical symbol resembling a lowercase b FLAT
Nikkei Index currency YEN
Sam who sang "You Send Me" COOKE
Cause of fur loss, perhaps MANGE
Continent affected by Brexit EUROPE
"I’m available 24/7!" ANYTIME
Transfixed, as to a TV RIVETED
Performs eye surgery, perhaps LASES
Glazier’s unit PANE
Coin-making stamp DIE
Patio or driveway unit PAVINGSTONE
All Hallows’ ___ EVE
Improve, as a text EMEND
Buy on, say ORDER
Big ___ (Cornell team) RED
In shabby condition RATTY
Elbow gently NUDGE
Apply with a sponge DAB
The lyrical Gershwin IRA
___ kiss (smooch from a distance) AIR
Collar, as a perp NAB
Any of the rare-earth metals ELEMENT
Jinglers on riding boots SPURS
Track-supporting timbers TIES
Perp’s charge RAP
Prefix with sex or brow UNI
Went for a spin MOTORED
Sports aficionado, or a Baskin-Robbins flavor BASEBALLNUT
Place on a pedestal ADORE
White-tie affairs GALAS
"Add to ___" (e-tailer’s button) CART
Links or alley target PIN
Theater that showcased Gilbert and Sullivan operas SAVOY
Face in a mirror, e.g. IMAGE
No. 1 team at the NCAA’s, e.g. TOURNEYSEED
Adjust, as a 15-Across TUNE
Left Bank’s river SEINE
Rep, on the street CRED
Ground intentionally, as a football SPIKE
Bunny ___ (place for ski students) SLOPE
$10 gold piece EAGLE
Cavalry mount STEED
Bust’s opposite BOOM
Decline, as popularity FADE
Refrigerator bin CRISPER
Leaves the past behind MOVESON
Western tribe for which a state is named UTE
___ vase (Chinese collectible) MING
Tree with catkins ALDER
Far from worldly-wise NAIVE
Jackson who was an "American Idol" judge RANDY
Stout serving PINT
DoctorFinder org. AMA
Examine thoroughly VET
Play about Capote TRU
Roulette bet ODD
Like some battery terminals (Abbr.) NEG
Bard’s "before" ERE