Usa Today Crossword Answers October 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Ways on or off RAMPS
Tent entrance feature FLAP
MS-DOS runners of old PCS
"The Tempest" sprite ARIEL
Do a triathlon RACE
In excellent condition, in ads MINT
Fabrics sold by the yard PIECEGOODS
Lotion ingredient, often ALOE
Beer hall vessel TANKARD
Related linguistically COGNATE
National park in Utah ZION
Good news for an interviewee OFFER
Imposed a spending limit on CAPPED
Mary of "The Maltese Falcon" ASTOR
Pervasive qualities AURAS
Make homogenous, maybe STIR
A big fan of INTO
Stash in the overhead STOW
Like cacti and hedgehogs SPINY
"The Explorer" of kiddie TV DORA
___ hall meeting TOWN
Do roadwork PAVE
Not as tanned PALER
Chalkboard material SLATE
Seal hunters’ boats KAYAKS
In the one percent, so to speak ELITE
Crystal ball user SEER
Jean Arp, notably DADAIST
Goes for eagerly LEAPSAT
Monkey-see-monkey-do sort APER
Transit clerk’s workplace TOKENBOOTH
Oolong and gunpowder TEAS
"El Cid" or "Lawrence of Arabia" EPIC
Michaels who produces "The Tonight Show" LORNE
Architect’s extension ELL
Sold (for) WENT
John with 77 million U.S. album sales ELTON
Completely absorbed RAPT
Song from a "fat lady" ARIA
Personal manner MIEN
Eat like a bird PECK
Dirtbags SLEAZES
Ring-bearer in "The Lord of the Rings" FRODO
Thai’s neighbor LAO
"Back in Black" rock band ACDC
Cuban currency PESO
Rice cooked in seasoned broth PILAF
Franklin’s bill, slangily CNOTE
Take the tiller STEER
Servant whose name comes from "Robinson Crusoe" MANFRIDAY
Electric power network GRID
Molasses or melted tar GOO
"Townies" NATIVES
Throw, as a shadow CAST
Place for a ship’s figurehead PROW
History Channel show set in Vegas PAWNSTARS
Right triangle ratio SINE
Take a crack at TRY
Marital skirmish SPAT
The Big Easy, by another nickname NOLA
Voyage with Kirk and Spock TREK
Scullers’ gear OARS
Place for a seaweed wrap SPA
Story with a moral PARABLE
Accessory with a hula skirt LEI
Wail like a banshee KEEN
Start of an online romance, maybe EDATE
Place for a flag pin LAPEL
Best imaginable IDEAL
Send to the Hill, say ELECT
One-pot meal STEW
Hit the bottle TOPE
Where to play Marco Polo POOL
Do a mailroom chore SORT
Periodic table fig. ATNO
Back in the day THEN
Family reunion group KIN