Usa Today Crossword Answers October 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Subtle summons PSST
Strauss of denim LEVI
Athletic types, slangily JOCKS
Smoocher’s pair LIPS
Enthusiastic spirit ELAN
Serve a purpose to AVAIL
Bryce Canyon’s state UTAH
Pacific Rim continent ASIA
Like Dilbert NERDY
Event with jesters and jousters MEDIEVALFAIR
Military uniform material SERGE
Make a pick OPT
Woman in Progressive ads FLO
2008 financial crisis phrase TOOBIGTOFAIL
Prez before Jack IKE
Seeks restitution from SUES
Turned to rubble RAZED
Biblical visitor to Ararat NOAH
Grimm Brothers’ collection TALES
Hulking Himalayan legend YETI
Supply a spread for CATER
Range in "Heidi" ALPS
Fawn bearer DOE
Maple yield SAP
Search for gold PAN
Salad bar morsel OLIVE
"You’re excused" NOHARMNOFOUL
Invites to a rooftop party, say HASUP
Coral Sea hazard REEF
Landing gear item TIRE
Radiate, as vibes EXUDE
Stud farm mother MARE
Business school subj. ECON
Alphabetically last Arab League nation YEMEN
Yukon Quest transport SLED
Hang in a hammock REST
Professor ___ (suspect in Clue) PLUM
Google search list SITES
Gardener’s groundbreaker SPADE
Casual top TSHIRT
Fail to include LEAVEOUT
Idina Menzel’s "Frozen" role ELSA
Rockies ski resort VAIL
Dazed and confused INAFOG
Cleanup person JANITOR
No longer caring about OVER
Avis offering CAR
Joke around with KID
Like a fox, it’s said SLY
Impediments to teamwork, often EGOS
Perfectly put APT
Threw for a loop FAZED
Be dishonest with LIETO
Any Buddy Holly tune, now OLDIE
Arthur of "The Golden Girls" BEA
Hijab wearer’s faith ISLAM
Wray of "King Kong" FAY
Sun worshippers of ancient Peru INCAS
Cuddly Australian marsupial KOALA
Be crazy about EATUP
Stitched edge HEM
Any of the Rice Krispies mascots ELF
Pampered, in a way SPOONFED
Tear into, as a package RIPOPEN
Rural tower SILO
Slangy "I’ll pass" NAH
Strips of weapons UNARMS
Barbells user LIFTER
Announcer’s asset VOICE
Replacements for marks and pesetas EUROS
Au naturel NUDE
Not staged REAL
"A ___ technicality!" MERE
Time to be abstinent LENT
Not-so-subtle summons HEY
Kindling maker’s tool AXE
Word after tidy or paltry SUM