Usa Today Crossword Answers September 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Provides roadside service to AIDS
Nintendo exercise game WIIFIT
USPS delivery from Netflix DVD
Go from first to third grade, say SKIP
Add nutrients to ENRICH
Teeny-tiny WEE
Gem of a singer? PEARLBAILEY
Clairvoyant’s trait, for short ESP
Not of the clergy LAIC
"Just a ___!" SEC
To boot ALSO
Servant with many tasks FOOTMAN
Tons and tons OODLES
"Heavens!" to a texter OMG
Gem of a land? EMERALDISLE
Fidel’s successor in Cuba RAUL
Morally degenerate SORDID
Alice’s trip to Wonderland was one DREAM
Waterston of "Law & Order" SAM
Makes less thorny EASES
Light-sensitive part of the eye RETINA
Blitzing linebacker’s success SACK
Gem of a restaurant chain? RUBYTUESDAY
To and ___ FRO
Act that may warm up the crowd OPENER
Any pro draft selection AMATEUR
Multicolored cereal TRIX
"See ya" BYE
"-zoic" time periods ERAS
Atom short an electron, say ION
Gem of a Hawaiian volcano? DIAMONDHEAD
Pester to no end NAG
Relax with a cocktail, say UNWIND
Trees that symbolize might OAKS
Auditing org. IRS
Alt-country and emo, for two GENRES
List-shortening Lat. phrase ETAL
Serpent on a pharaoh’s headdress ASP
Mike & ___ (candy brand) IKE
Actors’ interaction DIALOGUE
Jack who avoided fat SPRAT
Video chat device WEBCAM
___ nutshell INA
Floral subject for van Gogh IRIS
It may have a .doc extension FILE
Words from a stadium beer vendor ICECOLD
Quaker pronoun THY
Mulls over, with "on" DWELLS
Frigate or cruiser VESSEL
Force from office DEPOSE
One flavor in Sprite LIME
Nike competitor ADIDAS
Harrison who played Indiana Jones FORD
Poet Khayyam OMAR
Scottish monster, affectionately NESSIE
Garfield’s dimwitted pal ODIE
Horses with flecked coats ROANS
Fleet of 12-Downs ARMADA
Vocal cords locale LARYNX
Allocate, with "out" METE
Sure thing in an election SAFESEAT
Shade similar to beige ECRU
Toffee bar from Hershey SKOR
Water- or wind-powered engine TURBINE
Twisty pasta ROTINI
Outpouring of criticism UPROAR
Living, breathing creatures BEINGS
Revises, as a will AMENDS
Fabric purchase unit YARD
Sierra Nevada lake TAHOE
Sign of sleepiness YAWN
Qatari leader EMIR
Prepared to make a sandcastle, e.g. DUG
Number equal to its square ONE
Letters before a pen name AKA
High-speed WWW connection DSL