Usa Today Crossword Answers September 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Angelic instrument HARP
Enjoy a hot bath SOAK
What a prospective buyer may tender OFFER
Surveyor’s calculation AREA
ZZ Top hit TUSH
French textiles city LILLE
___-Contra affair IRAN
Singer James or Jones ETTA
Instrument played by Karen Carpenter DRUMS
Deceptive appearance FALSEFRONT
Galley notation STET
Rand who created John Galt AYN
Way over yonder AFAR
Frolicking mammals OTTERS
Nasal spray brand AFRIN
See 5-Down GRAF
Sourball flavor LEMON
1997 Jim Carrey movie LIARLIAR
Friends of Tarzan APES
Bible book after Jonah MICAH
Word before a sale price ONLY
"123456" is a weak one PASSWORD
Motherless calf DOGIE
I, on a frat house IOTA
"Now . . . ___ was I?" WHERE
Hoi ___ POLLOI
Algerian city mentioned in "Casablanca" ORAN
Comedian Louis of early TV NYE
"No way!" ASIF
"Survey says . . ." game show FAMILYFEUD
Postponed one’s bedtime SATUP
Reply to "Shall we?" LETS
Missile trajectories ARCS
Marksman’s sport SKEET
James with a posthumous Pulitzer AGEE
Mugger subduer MACE
Some English nobles EARLS
___ a one (none) NARY
JFK-to-TLV carrier ELAL
Israeli city near Mount Carmel HAIFA
Orderly arrangement ARRAY
Most rappers don’t use them REALNAMES
Gives zero stars to PANS
With 30-Across, seven-time Wimbledon winner STEFFI
Left in the dust OUTRAN
Fur trade pioneer ASTOR
Chaka who sang with Rufus KHAN
Word before Scratch or Nick OLD
Ground level, usually FIRSTFLOOR
Piccolo’s cousin FLUTE
"Street Scene" playwright Rice ELMER
Takes a breather RESTS
Pull down, so to speak EARN
Sacred scroll TORAH
Black gunk TAR
Natural gas, e.g. FOSSILFUEL
Carangi who was played by Angelina Jolie GIA
400-meter loop, perhaps LAP
Mpg rating group EPA
Type of watch face, for short LCD
Pugilistic friend of Cosell ALI
Nursery-rhyme pocketful RYE
Artistic theme MOTIF
The lyrical Gershwin IRA
Try to win over WOO
Reject as false DENY
Lyricist or composer WRITER
Admiral nicknamed "Bull" HALSEY
So last week PASSE
Japanese Expo city OSAKA
Soda bottle size LITER
Greek alphabet ender OMEGA
New Mexico’s state flower YUCCA
Ford product with a "horse collar" grille EDSEL
Freed or Turing ALAN
Oscar-winning Irene Cara song FAME
Basketball box-score abbr. PTS