Usa Today Crossword Answers September 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Shoots nine or 18, say GOLFS
Yell "Heads up!" to ALERT
Aqueduct action BET
Reader’s high-tech option EBOOK
More in need of a rubdown SORER
South of the border "Bravo!" OLE
Home to Nikes, once MISSILEBASE
36 for nine holes, often PAR
Televisions or stereos SETS
Festive December twosome EVES
Hoisted item during Oktoberfest STEIN
Cod-catching net SEINE
Acropolis Museum city ATHENS
Chairman portrayed in "Nixon in China" MAO
Alaskan region near the Arctic Ocean NORTHSLOPE
One-eighty UTURN
Not so green RIPER
"Bagel and a schmear" shop DELI
Houseflies’ undoings SWATS
Jessica of "Fantastic Four" movies ALBA
Dozer’s vision DREAM
Universally accepted statement AXIOM
Movie vampire’s hairline feature, often WIDOWSPEAK
Bucket go-with MOP
State Fair of Texas site DALLAS
Fleecy pack animal LLAMA
Steamed up RILED
Trucker’s unit LOAD
"Chiquitita" vocal group ABBA
Raid-making govt. bureau ATF
One who encounters the last parts of 17-, 29- and 45-Across on a climb MOUNTAINEER
Rue Morgue’s creator POE
Wage a war of words ARGUE
Journalist Sawyer DIANE
Drop the curtain on END
Garlic-crushing gadget PRESS
Figure at a December party, perhaps SANTA
Treasure chest contents, perhaps GEMS
Award co-presented by the Village Voice OBIE
One in need of salvation LOSTSOUL
"Chicago" director Bob FOSSE
Enjoy Aspen SKI
Alternative to "Yours truly" ASEVER
Ear flap LOBE
Eventful spans ERAS
Quality measured in megapixels, briefly RES
Railroad bridge support TRESTLE
Flock loser of rhyme BOPEEP
Jerry’s best friend on "Seinfeld" ELAINE
Seabirds with pointed bills TERNS
Host before Fallon LENO
Insect’s midsection THORAX
Rustic renter of rooms INN
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" slitherers ASPS
Composition of tots’ pies MUD
Competed a la Joey Chestnut ATE
Memorable Chaplin screen character TRAMP
Good guess in Battleship HIT
"What has hands but can’t clap?" is one RIDDLE
Does a dressmaker’s chore SEWS
"It ___ the best of times . . ." WAS
Succotash morsel LIMABEAN
Respond to an ump’s bad call BOO
Sound-boosting gear AMP
Navigation software display ROADMAP
Letters before an alias AKA
Take orders from, in a way WAITON
All skin and bones ILLFED
Brings joy to ELATES
Actor Alan who is a Math-O-Vision judge ALDA
Statue-covering cloth DRAPE
Obsession, as with a pop star MANIA
Olympics glider LUGE
Burdensome task ONUS
Like a shepherd’s crook BENT
Surface statistic AREA
Bruins great Bobby ORR
TSA agents check them IDS