Usa Today Crossword Answers September 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Storage area, often ATTIC
Tennis star on a U.S. stamp ASHE
Side with a burger SLAW
Ponti who produced "Doctor Zhivago" CARLO
Where ballplayers may wear gray ROAD
Dance with flowing gestures HULA
Where surfers shop EMALL
It’s east of the Urals ASIA
Like much of Arizona’s climate ARID
Intel seeker SPY
What a picket line may signify LABORSTRIKE
Tach figure, informally REVS
Had to have NEEDED
Howard, Fine or Howard STOOGE
Fields of expertise AREAS
Cause of a snow day WINTERSTORM
Tax-season VIP CPA
Parts of orbital paths ARCS
MoMA part ART
Garments with underwires BRAS
Shirt picturing a rock star, perhaps TEE
One of many suffered by Tony Soprano PANICATTACK
Aleut’s wear PARKA
Rips off GOUGES
Portugal’s locale IBERIA
Greenhouse containers POTS
Fee collected at the door COVERCHARGE
"CSI" test site LAB
On the 15-Across AWAY
Symbol in a religious painting, maybe HALO
Color of many khakis BEIGE
Give a facelift to REDO
Sips from flasks NIPS
Packing heat ARMED
Scene of a fall, in Genesis EDEN
"What ___ is new?" ELSE
"That’s yucky!" GROSS
Tennis match stat ACES
Pipe tobacco packer TAMP
High-chair feature TRAY
Not in the pink ILL
Faber, in "Animal House" COLLEGE
About 60 percent of Kuwaitis ARABS
Run-of-the-mill SOSO
Drain clog cause, perhaps HAIR
"Lou Grant" star EDASNER
Isn’t selfish SHARES
Shocking, as tabloid headlines LURID
Hard to tell apart ALIKE
Went in up to one’s ankles, say WADED
State with confidence AVER
Selector in an MLB draft TEAM
Goes bad ROTS
Law enforcement jacket letters SWAT
Lose steam TIRE
Years ago ONCE
Sunlit courtyards ATRIA
Program for future lts., perhaps ROTC
Made, as a jump shot SANK
Rugged part of a cliff CRAG
Rate measured by a Fitbit PACE
Sets a price of ASKS
A/C units BTUS
Yoke complement PAIR
Girl turned into a spider by Athena ARACHNE
Uber-excited AGOG
Tourist’s carryall TOTEBAG
Catch and devour PREYON
"It matters to me" ICARE
Acknowledged an ovation BOWED
Slip away from EVADE
Everyday language PROSE
Flag down HAIL
Chalet backdrop ALPS
Celeb’s wheels LIMO
Little League maxima and minima AGES
Barracks array BEDS
Miscalculate, say ERR