Wall Street Crossword Answers April 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Removed the outer layer of PARED
Head of a crime syndicate CAPO
Tortoise’s rival in a race HARE
Tusk material IVORY
Yoked animals OXEN
Mil. school ACAD
"Life of Pi" director’s first name ANG
Egyptian serpents ASPS
Out of sight HIDDEN
Half: Prefix HEMI
Animal skin PELT
Running shoes brand ASICS
The Police or Green Day TRIO
Gridiron kick PUNT
Cologne conjunction UND
Portly STOUT
Early auto REO
Wine barrel sediment LEES
Don Draper, for one ADMAN
Folk stories LORE
Newspaper columnist’s piece OPED
Having a sickly complexion SALLOW
Pay for a hand ANTE
Lass GAL
Molecule component ATOM
Has a mortgage, say OWES
Made dove sounds COOED
Valentine’s flower ROSE
Sources of some electricity DAMS
Ferber and Buchanan EDNAS
Fillable bread PITA
Stratford’s river AVON
Cavalry member under Teddy Roosevelt’s command ROUGHRIDER
Make mistakes ERR
Real go-getters DYNAMOS
Provide with free tickets COMP
Chopping tools AXES
Signing need PEN
Precisely ONTHEDOT
Convertible’s opposite HARDTOP
Corrosive stuff ACID
Tear down RAZE
Genesis setting EDEN
"Like that’s gonna happen!" ASIF
Caplet’s kin PILL
List-shortening abbr. ETC
Nevada tribe PAIUTE
Colleague of John, George and Ringo PAUL
Good ___ (repaired) ASNEW
Plug piece PRONG
Massage KNEAD
Muscle quality TONE
Forest of Nottinghamshire SHERWOOD
"What was I thinking?" SILLYME
Free from worry ATPEACE
Rap’s Dr. ___ DRE
Horn output TOOT
Campus mil. org. ROTC
Prepare for a fight SPAR
Singing voice ALTO
Vientiane’s country LAOS
"Um, pardon me…" AHEM
Loch of fame NESS
Vicinity AREA
Young fellows LADS
Bygone airline TWA
Fashionable, 50 years ago MOD