Wall Street Crossword Answers April 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
African nation east of Ghana TOGO
Manner MODE
"Pygmalion" playwright SHAW
"Rumor has it…" IHEAR
Cry from a cruiser AHOY
Effortlessness EASE
Line of video games including "Super Mario All-Stars" NINTENDOSELECTS
Fenway team, for short SOX
"Holy smokes!" GEE
Throw caution to the wind RISKIT
On in years AGED
Assume as a fact POSIT
"Gone With the Wind" producer DAVIDOSELZNICK
Bert’s pal on kids’ TV ERNIE
Bombard PELT
Neckline shape VEE
Pauper’s wear RAGS
Radar screen flashes BLIPS
Rink surface ICE
One may be out of stock BEAR
Tennis announcer’s declaration ITSIN
35-member body that convenes in Denver COLORADOSENATE
Oil container? FRAME
Painter Holbein HANS
Chachi’s love on 1980s TV JOANIE
Historic stretch ERA
Nabokov novel ADA
Central Florida paper ORLANDOSENTINEL
Shoe strip WELT
Micron, meter or mile UNIT
Listless feeling ENNUI
Get trounced, say LOSE
Boston orchestra POPS
Medicine internal to the four longest Across answers DOSE
Breath mint holders TINS
Euclid setting OHIO
Post-boomer group GENX
Bit for Buttermilk OAT
Managed with the means at hand MADEDO
"What have we here?!" OHO
Half of cuatro DOS
Incredulous reactions EYEROLLS
Ushers to the parlor SEESIN
Website defacer, of a sort HACKTIVIST
Italian city famed for sparkling wines ASTI
Pioneer heading WEST
Slugger Jackson REGGIE
Obligation NEED
"Mephisto Waltzes" composer LISZT
Enterprise rival AVIS
Sound from a nest PEEP
Foe of Harry and Ron DRACO
Venezuelan attraction with a drop of 3,212 feet ANGELFALLS
Veep after Hubert SPIRO
"The Color Purple" protagonist CELIE
Penetrating KEEN
Rock’s Clapton ERIC
Returned to the Enterprise BEAMEDUP
Fill with cargo LADE
Sch. orgs. PTAS
Cranium contents BRAIN
Present from birth INNATE
Like Baroque architecture ORNATE
They may get blanket coverage SHEETS
Take home EARN
Fleshy cheek JOWL
Nabisco treat OREO
___ Domini ANNO
___ ex machina DEUS
What Washington couldn’t tell ALIE
Lennon’s love ONO
Tentative taste SIP
Neither Rep. nor Dem. IND