Wall Street Crossword Answers April 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Too-generous Shakespeare character TIMON
Accident site sight FLARE
Depressed LOW
Big name in home appliances AMANA
Maverick type LONER
Farm female EWE
Court worker who’s more playfully shy? COYERLAWYER
NBC staple for more than 40 years SNL
Not working, in a way ONSTRIKE
Gathered together MASSED
Put away EAT
Many summer residents RENTERS
Depot worker who’s more diminutive? SHORTERPORTER
Man of Marseille HOMME
Sleep like ___ ALOG
Flock holders PEWS
Copying ALA
Share in a business STAKE
Be a contender VIE
Buckle, e.g. WARP
Major addition? ETTE
Jack up RAISE
Manor worker who’s more artful? SUBTLERBUTLER
Place for your butt ASHTRAY
Words with dare or tear ONA
Tollbooth sites PLAZAS
Like some pains SHOOTING
Put on AIR
Church worker who’s more unhealthy? SICKERVICAR
Voltaire’s here ICI
Manner of speaking IDIOM
Blow the audition, perhaps EMOTE
Play policer REF
Some private jets LEARS
Plea from People RENEW
It may contain carne asada TACO
"That’s my cue!" IMON
#2 on ESPN’s list of the 100 greatest players in MLB history MAYS
Like Jimmy Carter’s presidency ONETERM
Do some documentary work NARRATE
Strong criticism FLAK
Rob of "Code Black" LOWE
Even one ANY
Come out of hiding REEMERGE
Misbehaving ERRANT
Better choice that isn’t so good LESSEREVIL
Title holder OWNER
Joins, in a way WELDS
Lo-cal LITE
Instruction sheet unit STEP
Michael of "Guardians of the Galaxy" ROOKER
"You Never Can Tell" playwright SHAW
Granada greeting HOLA
Golden Globe winner for "Lawrence of Arabia" OMARSHARIF
Like a lemon’s engine RATTLY
Money-making need PLATE
Sensible WISE
Expert in futures SEER
Fool (around) PUTZ
Unit by unit in succession ATATIME
Name on Rio bank notes BRASIL
Ill-mannered fellow BOOR
Three deuces beats it APAIR
Do a deli job SLICE
Hershey’s chocolate-and-toffee bar SKOR
Sheet edges HEMS
Representative symbol ICON
Statistician Silver NATE
Ballooned GREW
Target of 2017 WikiLeaks dump CIA