Wall Street Crossword Answers April 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
"Seven whole grains on a mission" brand KASHI
One way to run AMOK
Join a jury SIT
Sign up for advertising emails, say OPTIN
Asgardian rogue LOKI
Feature presentation FACE
One eligible for cheap auto insurance? WRECKLESSDRIVER
They get broken on playing fields TIES
Doing UPTO
Alley ___ OOP
Sarcophagus symbol ASP
States on a Monopoly board, e.g. AVENUE
Forcibly evict families in foreclosure? WRESTHOMES
Knocks over ROBS
Noodle product IDEA
Take ___ view of ADIM
Fresh from the tub WET
"The Twelve Days of Christmas," maybe? WRAPMUSIC
Diddy’s ex JLO
She walks into Rick’s gin joint ILSA
Rugged mass of rock CRAG
Pen plea OINK
Final works from authors? LASTWRITES
First name of comedy WHO
First name associated with 53-Across LOU
Noisy celebration, in Britain BEANO
Understanding words ISEE
Draped garment SARI
Master mopper’s title? LORDOFTHEWRINGS
Alsace affirmatives OUIS
Comprehensive ATOZ
Pot builders ANTES
GATT successor WTO
It may be bold TYPE
Catch a highway cop’s attention, maybe WEAVE
Suck up KOWTOW
Theoretical APRIORI
Like tea leaves STEEPED
Sot sounds HICS
Publicity INK
Syrian battle site ALEPPO
Nearly all MOST
"Your point being?" OKSO
Pick on playfully KID
Phrase on an advertising flyer SAVENOW
Block at a bar ICECUBE
Least windy TERSEST
Photographer’s solution FIXER
Like a rainforest LUSH
Asteroids producer ATARI
Garage sale condition ASIS
Be in a bee SEW
Michelle and Cass MAMAS
Part of a U. URL EDU
The enemy of one’s enemy ALLY
Message from MADD, perhaps PSA
Dernier ___ CRI
Just your average guy JOEBLOW
Hit straight to the shortstop, say LINEOUT
London location ONTARIO
Golden Globe-winning Donald Glover series ATLANTA
Grandfather of Elizabeth II GEORGEV
Shape an eyebrow TWEEZE
"Glad that’s over!" WHEW
Geneve’s nation SUISSE
Not just very TOO
Teeny ITTY
Browse Amazon, say SHOP
Function named from the Latin for "curve" SINE
Spare tire makeup FAT
Bone-chilling RAW