Wall Street Crossword Answers April 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Cook’s creation MEAL
See 9-Across MALE
With 5-Across, dominant ape ALPHA
Mama’s man PAPA
Scrapping ATIT
Sneak attack FORAY
Negatively affect the company’s revenue stream? HURTGROSS
Cronut cover GLAZE
Artwork in panels TRIPTYCH
"Affirmative" YES
Crosswords may be solved on one SCREEN
One of 200 at the Indy 500 LAP
Form of "to be" ARE
Pet deer on the grounds of an investment bank? GOLDMANHART
Can imperfections DENTS
Financial advisers set them up IRAS
Adverb at sea ALEE
Tiny bit IOTA
Splotches BLOBS
Laurel in a bowler STAN
Big piece, as of marble SLAB
Ingredient in many healthcare products ALOE
Color like khaki BEIGE
Reveal a secret to Duvall or Winters? TELLSHELLEY
Wrestling need MAT
LGA guess ETA
Gathers, as information GLEANS
Peaty area BOG
State in two parts MICHIGAN
Buffett’s home OMAHA
Water supply for a magician with a one-named partner? PENNWELLS
Medicine cabinet item RAZOR
Singer, sometimes ALTO
Sheepish MEEK
Xi’s language GREEK
Beijing blanket SMOG
1950s teammate of Whitey and Mickey YOGI
No. a cop writes on a ticket MPH
All-vowel liquid EAU
Current mo. APR
Milan milk LATTE
Dan or San follower MARINO
Sitting on ATOP
Rattle off LIST
Site to buy handicrafts ETSY
Comfy shawl AFGHAN
Reversible chuckle LOL
Speak up? PRAY
Confusion HAZE
Votes for AYES
LeMond and Kinnear GREGS
Yours is Mammalia CLASS
Southern cuisine CREOLE
Mistreated car, often RENTAL
Part of a process PHASE
French city near the Belgian border LILLE
Baby bib stuff DROOL
The mother on "What’s Happening!!" MABEL
Noted Japanese model ALTIMA
Bush picker REAGAN
Beliefs TENETS
Textbook graphic TABLE
Faith with an apostrophe BAHAI
Company rule BYLAW
He has a place in the East Village STMARK
Drink in December EGGNOG
Opponent in battle ENEMY
Swedish server BORG
"The Wire" role OMAR
Stare GAZE
Tax pros CPAS
Steering wheel HELM
Digging INTO
Work in the garden HOE
One of the fire signs LEO
Race segment LEG
Schuss through powder SKI