Wall Street Crossword Answers April 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Trio of Yule travelers MAGI
Helpful connections INS
"Call on me!" OHOH
"Honor Thy Father" author Gay TALESE
Reuters, for one NEWSWIRE
It’s paid on out-of-state purchases USETAX
Beverage in a Japanese ceremony GREENTEA
Little kid TOT
Flyer on a string KITE
Boring daily routine RUT
Dash device TACH
Aid in a scam ABET
Oyster’s home BED
Counts and dukes NOBLEMEN
LAX board info ARR
Fruits from a patch BERRIES
Take the stage ACT
Jigsaw puzzle makeup PIECES
"Ladies first!" AFTERYOU
Service station buy GAS
Sunrise direction, in Sonora ESTE
Ukraine’s capital KIEV
Letter before upsilon TAU
"As a result…" THUS
Fuming MAD
"Heaven forbid!" IHOPENOT
Stereo knob TREBLE
"That explains everything!" NOWONDER
Tamper-resistant, in a way SEALED
Unit of force DYNE
Org. that issues nine-digit IDs SSA
Hang around STAY
Kenyan people MASAI
On guard ALERT
"Stop dreaming!" GETREAL
"My word!" ISAY
Metal bar INGOT
Super Soaker brand NERF
Workout byproduct SWEAT
Totally dominate OWN
Go to 27-Across HITTHEHAY
"Milk’s Favorite Cookie" OREO
American Airlines Arena team HEAT
Diving position TUCK
Polar opposites EXTREMES
Evening, in Italy SERA
External OUTER
41-Down’s network CBS
Neuwirth of "Madam Secretary" BEBE
Art ___ (style of the 1920s and 1930s) DECO
Short rest NAP
Not a copy: Abbr. ORIG
Go to 40-Across BREAKDOWN
Packers’ org.? NRA
Divers wear them WETSUITS
At ___ time (prearranged) ASET
Disco fanatic on "The Simpsons" STU
"Sadly, it looks like…" IFEAR
Forensic series CSI
Turn tail and run RETREAT
Unspoiled spot EDEN
Colorful aquarium fish TETRA
"Se ___ espanol" HABLA
Six-time baseball All-Star Chase UTLEY
Ranked tournament player SEED
Watch over MIND
Sailor hailer AHOY
Foot fivesome TOES
Miners dig them ORES
"The Raven" writer POE