Wall Street Crossword Answers April 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
"Dear" advice source ABBY
Regarding ASTO
Snazzy SMART
Bernanke’s predecessor GREENSPAN
Some rail riders HOBOS
*Shoplifted spud, ready to be fenced? HOTPOTATO
Site of a wave, at times ARENA
Little tunneler ANT
Walter Scott title SIR
Gamer’s likeness AVATAR
*Heisted Hershey’s treats? STOLENKISSES
Giga- times 1000 TERA
"Vamoose!" SCAT
Criticize harshly SLAM
I, in Ingolstadt ICH
100-cent currency EURO
Notable period ERA
*Fish caught illegally? POACHEDFLOUNDER
Throw wildly, say ERR
Assorted collection OLIO
Sp. lady SRA
Sixth Greek letter ZETA
Teri’s "Young Frankenstein" role INGA
Knocks over ROBS
*Illegal scheme to sell zucchini? SQUASHRACKET
Bright entrance hall ATRIUM
Collar NAB
"Chandelier" singer SIA
Glove material SUEDE
Where those involved in the starred crimes may end up? FOODCOURT
Gather INFER
Original title of Shakespeare’s "Henry VIII" ALLISTRUE
Full of attitude SASSY
Modernize, say REDO
Match units SETS
More than taken aback AGHAST
Literary sister BRONTE
Person in a pool BETTOR
"Got that right!" YEP
Sean of "The Lord of the Rings" ASTIN
Flint products SPARKS
Skin work, informally TAT
Lennon’s love ONO
Lose one’s shadow SHAVE
Complicated situation MORASS
Collude with ABET
Author Jaffe RONA
Bygone big shot TSAR
Wine quality NOSE
Their caps feature an H on a star ASTROS
Secular LAIC
Arctic weather phenomena ICEFOGS
First king of Israel SAUL
Took charge LED
Is for you? ARE
Spoil MAR
John of "Star Trek Beyond" CHO
It can help you raise your voice HELIUM
Lord’s Prayer start OUR
Brick-shaped candy PEZ
Valuable extraction ORE
Creative class ART
Trump security adviser Powell DINA
Bust maker NARC
Tangential comments ASIDES
The Governator, jocularly AHNOLD
"Why not" OKSURE
Capital on the Mediterranean BEIRUT
Mexico has 31 STATES
Letter to an editor QUERY
Traffic report source RADIO
Elementary learning ABCS
Tag line ASIS
Toro, e.g. TUNA
Reviewers of plays REFS
Considerably FAR
Cheer for Manolete OLE
Some game enders, briefly OTS