Wall Street Crossword Answers April 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
What nociceptors sense PAIN
Exposes BARES
Litmus reddener ACID
Capitol figure AIDE
Easy ___ ASABC
Commanded, quaintly BADE
Lessens a person’s drink tab? DROPSTHEBARBILL
Innsbruck interjection ACH
Company that offers little training LIONEL
"Did you start without me?" AMILATE
Verified to be functional TESTED
Parts of excellent wind farms? FINETURBINES
Stiff drink BRACER
Org. with a zombie apocalypse preparedness web page CDC
Dozen for a darling ROSES
Leaf lifter ANT
Hiccups stopper SCARE
In advance of, archaically ERE
Fits, e.g. HONDAS
J.Lo’s 2017 beau AROD
Automatic rifle that fires M&M’s? CANDYCARBINE
Portuguese island group AZORES
Gave the brushoff SNUBBED
Debut pop album of 1991 ALANIS
Hermana de la madre o el padre TIA
Signs of an upcoming precipice? CLIFFHARBINGERS
Zebra’s mother MARE
Betelgeuse setting ORION
Largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago ELBA
Flirtatious fellow EYER
Scoring speeds TEMPI
Vaudeville bit SKIT
Paw part PAD
Make known AIR
Solemn promise IDO
Indians’ neighbors NEPALESE
Ring setting BATHTUB
Pale wood ASH
Arctic explorer John RAE
Decrease EBB
Like a 3-4-5 right triangle SCALENE
Brothers’ keepers? ABBOTS
Portrayer of Alfie Elkins CAINE
Wasted gas IDLED
Wooded valley DELL
"Get lost!" SCAT
Flight features RISERS
In advance of, archaically AFORE
Inconsequential MINOR
Not free INUSE
Gofer’s workload ERRANDS
Mini mints TICTACS
Exchange, as angry words BANDY
Guyana native CARIB
Queen’s attendant DRONE
Gave over CEDED
Star of 1965’s "Genghis Khan" SHARIF
Heads for the produce aisle? CABBAGES
Special magazine edition ONESHOT
Steven of the New Jersey Devils SANTINI
Bankrupt RUIN
Put at rest ALLAY
Mobutu Sese Seko’s nation ZAIRE
High point ACME
Verb for you ARE
Brink RIM
Dizzy Gillespie specialty BOP
Bugling beast ELK
Stat inserted into this puzzle’s long Across answers RBI
Plopped down SAT