Wall Street Crossword Answers August 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
How some things are… ONCRE
Indian address SRI
It might be brushed in… SNARE
Expressed awe OOHED
#50 on a table TIN
Lightened up? PALED
Heat home MIAMI
Insurance co. worker AGT
Subject for une chanteuse AMOUR
Symbol resembling a pitchfork PSI
Home of the ACC’s Noles FSU
Daughter of Cronus HERA
Expenses OUTGO
Menu component ITEM
Financial world, figuratively THESTREET
They have spines CACTI
In the capacity of QUA
Home of the Mendoza College… NOTRE
In the style of ALA
Tried to win over COURTED
Punishment symbol ROD
School safety… FIRE
Common Eastwood role LONER
Sammy with 609 homers SOSA
Lenten purchase EGGDYE
Foment unrest, in a way? SNORE
Bush bounder ROO
Tour de France section ETAPE
It’s west of the Taiwan Strait MAINLANDCHINA
Keyboardist Saunders MERL
Pair of hearts? ATRIA
Wrong AWRY
Scott Turow title ONEL
Flourish WIELD
Box office total TAKE
JFK guesses ETAS
Intersection points NODES
Once, once upon a time ERST
Energetic extra OOMPH
Meaningless information NOISE
Department runner CHAIR
Sleeper’s state REM
…purchased EDIT
Current condition STATUSQUO
With 55-Down, sign at some corners, and a hint to four places in this grid RIGHTTURN
Do a calculus calculation INTEGRATE
Where sweaters hang? SPAS
"Tropic Thunder" setting, for short NAM
Up in the air ALOFT
Part of an eco-friendly routine REUSE
…a concert hall EDRUM
Abbr. indicating a fair hirer EOE
Future flounder ROE
QB’s try ATT
Skater Midori ITO
Fruity drink brand HIC
Break off END
Bookstore features, often CAFES
Midas offering ALIGNMENT
Paris instigated it TROJANWAR
Bill Clinton awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom ROSAPARKS
…of Business EDAME
Bravo relative OLE
"___ tu" (Verdi aria) ERI
…exercises EDRILLS
Fill to excess SATIATE
Hankering YEN
O.T. book NEH
Numeric comparison RATIO
See 7-Down ONRED
"Swan Lake" role ODILE
Sprinkler spot LAWN
Base men CADS
Duff server, on TV MOE
Despite that YET